Can luxury be synonymous with eco-consciousness? Speaking with Mariouche Gagne – founder Harricana

Mariouche Gagne, the founder and head designer of Harricana, has created an Ecoluxe brand based on her convinction that luxury can be synonymous with eco-consciousness. By re-using and re-modeling noble and rich materials such as fur , leather, cashmere and silk ,  Mariuche is redefining the perception that excess and waste go hand in hand with luxury. She even takes her strong ethical convinctions one step futjer by keeping her business local.

An 2LUXURY2’s interview taken during 1.618 Sustainable Luxury Paris

About Harricana

Ethical, one-of-a-kind creations

Since 1993, our expertise allows us to communicate emotions from generation to generation by recycling high-quality fashion apparel. By recycling old furs, we have saved the lives of more than 600,000 animals over the past 15 years. It has also enabled us to extend the life of more than 60,000 coats, silk scarves, cashmere scarves and wedding gowns, which would never have been worn if they had not been remod-elled. We give gorgeous materials a second life and transform them into unique pieces, proving that fashion can also be sustainable.

Since we are very concerned about ecology, we make it a point of integrity to produce all of our crea-tions in Canada under ethical manufacturing conditions.


HARRICANA PAR MARIOUCHE has only one goal: to turn fine materials into the finest fashion.

Life is a river

The Harricana River is over 500 km long. The first fur exchanges took place on its shores. Its original name is Nanikana, meaning “main road” in Algonquin, but was eventually altered by settlers.

Local power

Almost 90% of the fur Harricana uses comes from Quebec. It’s a well known fact that racoon, otter and beaver fur is so solid and durable, it can last up to 100 years. A clever combination of fur and other materials can breathe new life into your clothing, and turn them into modern treasures. We often recycle the following types of fur: fox, fisher, ermine, weasel, skunk, hare, rabbit, squirrel, coypu, marten, chinchilla, wolf, lynx, beaver, otter, racoon, muskrat, badger, coyote, mink and sable.