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What songs consist the history of Red Hot Chili Peppers

Few people know that in 1991, several American radio stations refused to put broadcast song “Give it away”, motivating it allegedly with problems with the melody in the composition. But everyone knows what happened next – super hit of the fifth studio album “Blood Sugar Sex Magic” gathered every possible award in the world of rock music and became, in fact, the “hallmark” of the collective. Great video was filmed for the song, which later won two awards at the ceremony of MTV Video Music Awards 1992.

“Around The World” is a powerful “insurgent” of the group, the second single from the 1999 album Californication which opens with disposable guitar and bass watering, passing in a primitive riff of Frusciante, and supplemented with vocal line of Kiedis. Vocalist of “Papers” was always assured that the film of Roberto Benigni, “Life is Beautiful”, influenced the lyrics of this song. Track “Around The World” was the seventh in the charts “Billboard Modern Rock Tracks” and the sixteenth in the top “Mainstream Rock Tracks”.


“Californication” is a philosophical story of Kiedis, telling about the growing influence of Hollywood on the various spheres of human life, it was perhaps the most famous composition of the team. The song is remembered by capitalize stunning theme of Frusciante, as well as his solo party, which was performed at the semi-acoustic guitar. The track took the first place in the charts “Billboard Modern Rock Tracks”, and the “Mainstream Rock Tracks”. Video, stylized to 3D computer game, which has gained more than 60 million views on YouTube, was filmed for the song.
“Under The Bridge” is one of the most successful songs of the group, which was accepted very well by listeners and music critics. The single, which tells about narcotic experiences of Anthony Kiedis, was second in the “Billboard Hot 100” and was awarded the title of “Platina”. The commercial success of the grim hit pushed John Frusciante to the first withdrawal from the group and marked a new period in the works of artists. The famous film director Gus Van Sant created surreal video for the song, which brought together a number of awards in the field of video art.

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