Biomega Oko e-bike – the city pedelec with a fashionable twist

Take a look at the urban-landscape-changing bikes.

Biomega Oko 2015 model

Copenhagen-based, Danish premium urban bicycle brand Biomega is known for engaging international designers from outside the bicycle industry—including Marc Newson, Ross Lovegrove and Karim Rashid— in designing its products. The latest brainchild conceived for a busy urban lifestyle is called Biomega Oko. The OKO is a uniquely lightweight and highly practical city pedelec with a fashionable twist taking inspiration from traditional fuel powered two wheeled motorized vehicles, whereas the OKO is fitted with a effective and lightweight electrical power bank instead.

Biomega Oko 2015 model- Biomega Oko 2015 - on the bridge

“OKO is Biomega´s first electric bike and we have in many ways revolutionized this segment with a fantastic design, integrated engine and a new frame technology. The OKO bridges the heritage of the Biomega portfolio from Marc Newson’s SYD bike to the NYC bike, providing a new typology by merging some of their visual qualities to form an innovative statement to the growing Biomega portfolio,” explains Biomega team.

Made in ultra-light carbon fibre the OKO is one of the lightest, if not the lightest, commuter e-bike weighing only 18,6 kg including fenders. With the powerful lithium-ion battery, the e-bike has an impressive estimated range at 45 km – 65 km (25 miles – 40 miles).

Through original IPR this super strong carbon bike comes fitted with integrated front and rear mudguards, a natural extension of the original diamond frame design. Combining the very best materials, Biomega also stays true to their heritage in that the bike is chainless, and is fitted with an ingenious carbon belt drive.

Biomega Oko 2015 model-bicycle Biomega Oko 2015 - Biomega Oko 2015 - lightweight and highly practical city pedelec