Bespoke bulletproof suit, a modern armor now available in Romania

For the first time in Romania Zenonni produces a bespoke bulletproof suit

The world is a dangerous place for both political leaders, VIPs, as well as ordinary citizens. Surely you’ve seen the famous bullet-proof vests, heavy and unwieldy, preferred by police, soldiers and people at risk. But these clothes are a great impediment in terms of weight, cuts and flexibility. Not so “fashionable”…

But the safety and elegance can be bought with a modern armor – a bulletproof suit which, moreover, comes as a sekond skin. To those who often wear suits the aesthetic side matters a lot. Combining safety with the idea of looking good is a natural desire and is part of the bulletproof fashion trend.

Two years ago, Colombian designer Miguel Caballero launched a line of bulletproof  clothing with a special design and cuts from the catwalk. The designer received the nickname Armani of the bulletproof clothes. It seems that at the inauguration ceremony Barack Obama wore such a suit immune to bullets.

For the first time the bulletproof bespoke suit is available in Romania. The bulletproof suit is sewn only on order at Zenonni luxury sartoria. After nearly a year of tests, high-end brand introduces this exclusive service designed to absorb energy by 9 mm projectiles and weapons with a speed between 400-430 m/s. Prices for an outfit with guaranteed protection start from 2,000 euros. For execution we will have to wait up to 3 weeks.

Under the luxury fabrics, the Zenonni tailors integrate a bulletproof kit of different thicknesses (depending on the package of protection required) which covers the vital parts of the body. Zenonni armored suit is a little heavier than an ordinary bespoke suit, but the product does not lose its sleek lines and do not reveal the arsenal of the lining. Besides offering added value Zenonni introduced in Romania VBC 1663, a line of luxury leather accessories for men.