Baselworld 2012 novelties: Hublot, Harry Winston, Zenith, Pierre Deroche, Hyt, Maurice Lacroix, Muzo


Each spring, some 1800 companies from the watch, jewellery and precious-stone industries, together with related sectors, showcase their latest developments and innovations in Basel. The world’s most renowned brands display their collections exclusively at BASELWORLD.

About 100,000 visitors from the specialist retail and wholesale trade make their way to Basel from all over the world to
discover the current trends and view the latest creations from the watch and jewellery sectors. The presentation staged at BASELWORLD is truly unique, providing an opportunity to experience brand worlds at the topmost level.

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HARRY WINSTON Histoire de Tourbillon 3 watch
Act 3 in this Histoire de Tourbillon leaves no doubt as to the visionary path taken by this collection, which Harry Winston launched in 2009. Proposed as a 20-piece limited series, Histoire de Tourbillon 3 draws the eye deep into the mesmerising meanders of its perpetually rotating mechanisms, framed by a case in white gold and Zalium®. The dial’s three openings are completely independent yet intimately linked. Resplendent at 9 o’clock is the bi-axial double tourbillon whose outer cage makes a complete revolution in 120 seconds whereas the inner cage makes its revolution in 40 seconds. At 6 o’clock, a single-axis tourbillon rotates in 36 seconds. The off-centre hours and minutes are displayed on two rotating discs, while seconds regularly tick by. The third zone is for the power-reserve indicator, on a disc set with sapphires and citrines. An architecture dictated by avant-garde design, set free by time in all its dimensions.

HUBLOT – King Power Unico GMT watch
The new famous Unico chronograph movement has been treated to its first evolution, since its base now welcomes a GMT function also entirely developed and manufactured by Hublot. This new complication offers a clever set of 4 rotating aluminium discs indicating the same number of time zones. They are controlled by a pusher housed in the caseband at 2 o’clock and enabling instant and highly legible readings of the time in a choice of 14 cities. The 48 mm case is available in black ceramic or 18K red King Gold, and bears the unmistakable architectural Hublot signature. This watch with its sophisticated and functional design should appear to travellers with a taste for fine contemporary watchmaking.

ZENITH El Primero Chronomaster 1969 watch
The new El Primero Chronomaster 1969 Chronograph is pure Zenith. For the first time, the original colours combine with the opening in the dial, now a signature feature, to offer a glimpse of the perfectly synchronised beating heart and the magic of the wheels in motion. Indeed, the two chronograph counters – 30-minute at 3 o’clock, 12-hour at 6 o’clock – borrow the midnight blue and anthracite grey of the 1969 model. Again with aesthetics in mind, Zenith’s master watchmakers have gone as far as to rethink the movement construction, and move the regulating organ, vibrating ten times a second, to the edge of the movement.

This new automatic chrono calibre – the El Primero 4061, designed, developed and made by Zenith – completes this contemporary, classic timepiece.


HYT H1 watch
The H1 by HYT is what happens when Haute Horlogerie meets fluid mechanics. As one of the two reservoirs at 6 o’clock compresses, the other expands, and vice versa, to push the fluids they contain through the tube. As the hours pass, the luminescent liquid advances. The half-moon meniscus marks the point where the two fluids meet to indicate the hour. At 6 pm, it returns to its initial position in a retrograde movement. A 5 mm sapphire crystal, sculpted from a single block, accentuates the three-dimensional architecture. The upper part of the watch is a destructured geometry of superpositions and reliefs. The small seconds counter which overlaps the minute regulator in the centre bears a striking resemblance to a waterwheel. The 65-hour power reserve is shown at 2.30, divided into three arcs of a circle.


PIERRE DEROCHE TNT Royal Retro Sapphire watch (11-piece limited edition)
In 2009, Pierre DeRoche introduced a world first with the launch of the TNT Royal Retro and its six retrograde seconds
mechanisms. This watch made a significant impact, and three years later, the brand boldly presents its star model with seven visible sapphire bridges. The now entirely transparent movement unveils yet more of its mysteries, further revealing the originality of its spectacular complication. The association of sapphire and titanium, two extraordinarily hard materials, gives a whole new expression to the TNT Royal Retro Sapphire. Refined, flowing and crystal-clear, as well as sleek, masculine and sporty: in short, the perfect blend of delicacy and strength.


URBAN JUERGENSEN Chronomètre P8 Automatique watch
Urban Jürgensen has been manufacturing chronometers without interruption since 1773. In 2003, the company began working on an exceptional proprietary movement that would form a bridge between the high-precision instruments of the day and contemporary mechanical watchmaking. This research would come to fruition, thanks to the contributions of master watchmaker Kari Voutilainen and movement designer Jean-François Mojon, following the demise of Peter Baumberger in 2010. Unveiled last year, the P8 calibre with detent escapement and COSC certification is 40% more precise than the average, and will accommodate an exceptional diversity of complications. Indeed, the Chronomètre P8 Automatique is the first in a large family of watches to incorporate complications into this P8 calibre.

MAURICE LACROIX – Masterpiece Roue Carrée Seconde Or Rose (88-piece limited series)
In 2010, Maurice Lacroix revolutionised the mechanics of time with the invention of a square gear wheel, the first in
watchmaking history. The now famous Masterpiece was greeted with acclaim. Today, the line continues with a model of the utmost refinement. Crafted in pink gold, this new arrival rests on a dark brown, almost black movement plate. This contrast further accentuates the hypnotic effect of its angular rotation, together with the geometric interlacing of straight lines and curves.

Small seconds come to life before the eyes as the openwork square wheel rhythmically follows its course. Dedicated to
excellence, this new timepiece embodies the spirit of a collection that brings together engineering and aesthetic to train the spotlight on an exclusive mechanical display.


MAURICE LACROIX Masterpiece Lune Rétrograde
Crafted from steel, the Masterpiece Lune Rétrograde adds to the Masterpiece line with an automatic movement, manufactured entirely in-house. Matching modern styling with authentic expertise, it showcases two complications which are close to the brand’s heart: moon phases and retrograde displays. The moon prevails over the royal blue dial at 6 o’clock, where it parades across a black disc in a striking contrast of light and dark that puts the heavens within reach. The date display takes up residence at 10 o’clock in a sweeping retrograde arch, while the power reserve cuts a dash at 2 o’clock. This collection lends itself to dials in slate grey or a combination of silver and gold tones, and bears the hallmark of the finest Swiss watchmaking tradition.

L’EPEE Les Heures Parisiennes watch
With the Heures Parisiennes, L’Epée once again sets a spectacular stage for time. With its beautifully rounded cabinet and
pivoting bezel, this avant-garde clock will appeal to those with a penchant for distinctive designs. The new mechanical
eight-day “Mouvement de Paris” calibre marks off the hours and half-hours with a subtle chime thanks to its integrated bell.

The pure and timeless aesthetic is heightened by the openwork black dial revealing the calibre with its palladium-coated and polished finishes. 50-piece limited edition.


MIRA Fée Céleste watch
Mira’s first ladies’ collection tells a love story. Once upon a time, a swan was floating on a mother-of-pearl and black aventurine lake, waiting for its companion. The incarnation of fidelity, the eternal bird invests this elegant and timeless
piece with deep significance. And as it is dedicated to women, it sparkles with a setting of no fewer than 166 diamonds.

Combined with pink gold and mother-of-pearl, these accentuate the beauty and purity of the Fée Céleste’s plumage, which seems to skim over the passing time, symbolised here by the off-centre hours at 12 o’clock and the retrograde minutes at 6 o’clock. A delicate combination of imagery and imagination on the path to dreams.



TECHNOTIME – TT 791 movement
Equipped with twin barrels like all mechanical movements by Technotime, this tourbillon provides an over 120-hour power reserve. This extremely flexible calibre is capable of housing other complications, including a power-reserve indication, retrograde date or any other specific modules developed by clients. This movement equipped with Technotime balance-springs may be personalised in accordance with customers’ wishes and boasts excellent chronometric performances that mean it may be configured to earn COSC certification. The Tourbillon TT791 combines performance with a degree of reliability tried and tested by the Chronométrie 2011 International Timing Competition, in which Technotime took third place with this daring calibre.


The latest collection from the Manufacture Rodolphe Cattin is the ultimate feminine watch. The refinement of its exquisite curves is matched by a glamorous bezel set with 129 diamonds. The shimmering black mother-of-pearl dial lends a touch of sobriety, while the two central discs provide a function that is essential to women of the world: two time zones. The cambered sapphire crystal, the polished facetted hands and the “ball” lugs confirm the signature of a true aesthete on this truly adorable model….


BijouMontre presents a tribute collection in which expertise and noble materials embody one of the world’s most beautiful love stories: that of Wallis Simpson and the Duke of Windsor, the only monarch to have voluntarily abdicated in order to marry the lady of his choice. Reflecting this solid and timeless love, the bezel is set with 5.35 carats or pure topazes, of which both the colour and clarity are magnified by an emerald cut. A triangular series of encrusted diamonds symbolises the legendary necklace that the duke gave his wife. Exquisitely rounded curves wed symmetrical effects in an expression of ideal beauty.

Finally, the mother-of-pearl and agate dial is graced with oversized polished Roman numerals, accompanied by twelve diamond hourmarkers arranged in a concentric circle on this eternally romantic jewellery watch.


MUZO Muzo 6.55-Carat Emerald
Every precious stone has its legendary source: Golconda for diamonds, Mogok for rubies, and the Muzo mine in Colombia for emeralds, the only one still producing stones after five centuries of uninterrupted activity. Since November 2009, exclusive mining rights for the Muzo mine have been held by Muzo International, a branch of Texma Group. Unique in the world of precious stones, the group deploys a mine-to-market process based on three fundamental criteria. Firstly, the guarantee of quality with a zero-resin policy. Secondly, authenticity certificates issued by prestigious Swiss laboratories. Thirdly, trackability as each stone is numbered and can be traced from extraction to sale. On January 26th 2010, Muzo mined a rough stone weighing 10.06 carats, which it had cut in its Bogotá workshops. From it emerged a 6.55-carat emerald of a dazzling, intense green that meets full quality criteria and is certified epoxy resin-free.