Armin Strom Lady Beat is hitting the sizing sweet spot of many women



@Armin Strom Lady Beat watch for women

A celebration and a tribute to the mechanical transparency: The Lady Beat is the very first Armin Strom watch created specifically for women.

The latest no-compromise timepiece from the Biel-based watch manufacture is a decidedly feminine one, but one  exuding the technical look and feel of the genuine manufacture movement powering every Armin Strom timepiece.

The newest watch from Swiss manufacture Armin Strom is guided by “Always innovate” mantra.

Boldly redesigning the brand’s typical movement, dial and case, Armin Strom Lady Beat marks a milestone of the new Armin Strom System 78 Collection, which highlights innovative watchmaking at, let’s say, a more competitive price.

The contemporary dimensions are shaping a new aesthetic that showcases the high-end watchmaking brand’s love for reduction to the essential, enhancing legibility, and maximizing the user experience for discerning female collectors, enthusiasts, and casual wearers.

@Armin Strom Lady Beat watch

Armin Strom Lady Beat’s design features differentiated aesthetics that make it wholly unique and feminine. And this is thanks to the fact that the men behind Armin Strom know their boundaries: instead of using the brand’s testosterone- influenced in-house design, the company (wisely) consulted freelance designers of the opposite sex to ensure authenticity and a decidedly feminine feel.

Lady Beat features an off-center dial and slimmer new case with a much smaller diameter. The 38 mm case diameter of Lady Beat is a first at Armin Strom, hitting the sizing sweet spot of many women.

The highlight of the front of this ladies watch is the visible triplet of bridges echoing the pocket watch inspiration behind Caliber ALA20, just one of many mechanical elements visible on the dial.

The Armin Strom Lady Beat features a stainless-steel case and is priced at CHF 16,900.

@Armin Strom Lady Beat watch for women

“With the release today of the new Armin Strom Lady Beat watch, inspired by its Gravity Equal Force watch unveiled last year, it brings its concepts and mastery of watchmaking to the forefront for women,” wrote forbes.

According to deployant, “Lady Beat is the manufacture’s answer to finally serving women also interested in fine mechanics. Technical head Claude Greisler and owner Serge Michel felt that the time was precisely right to include women in Armin Strom’s high-quality Swiss made offerings. “There is more to discover with this watch than women are used to,” Greisler opines. “Our passion for visible mechanics is also evident at first glance here.” Greisler refers to the brand’s history in skeletonization and open worked movements, a consistent leitmotif continued in Lady Beat.”

“Good design is honest and functional,” Greisler told deployant. “It does not need makeup to be attractive.” But there is an Armin Strom-typical element that increases its attractivity: Lady Beat can be customized in color and other elements in the Armin Strom online Configurator. “We know that colors are so important to women,” Greisler continues, “so we offer plenty of choice.”

@Armin Strom Lady Beat watch for women

@Armin Strom Lady Beat watch for women