Anaconda with hot air balloon departure takes the spirit of an explorer vessel to another level

Anaconda by Juan Ortiz Rincon, Young Designer of the Year finalist 2013. 

Designer Juan Ortiz Rincon, a passionate sailor and traveler, unveiled his project Anaconda yacht, for which he was selected as YoungDesigner of the Year Finalist during the 2013 ShowBoats Design Awards in Monaco.

The goal of this year’s Young Designer category was to create a modern, non-commercial looking 65m explorer yacht to suit the needs of an owner who is a collector of sports cars, has a relaxed approach to life, and is looking for interesting new ideas.

The architectural approach of using large glass elements and organic structures provides the interior areas with more luminosity and creates an exciting conjunction between interior and exterior zones, offering much more usable space than other yachts of the same range.

“Ever since I was a child, I have had a great deal of curiosity about the charms and mysteries of the oceans and the vessels that sail it,” explains Ortiz Rincon. “This curiosity, over the years has turned into a passion for sailing and yacht design. I am particularly fascinated with the study and exploration of human factors, technologies and morphologies, which, applied to objects and spaces, generate a more efficient use of resources and maximize the comfort.”

The owner’s cabin for example features an inside-outside private Jacuzzi, which can be either integrated into the cabin or added to the exterior lounge area, depending on the weather conditions of the journey.

The material concept is based on warm, natural colours and textures, like black lip mother of pearl and coconut mosaics, combined with contemporary materials such as glass and stainless steel. A special focus lies on illumination and the integration of modern art objects. The interior style has a masculine character, providing a fresh and relaxed atmosphere.

The interior layout with its rather unusual configuration is thought to profit at the most from the available space by connecting the living zones in logical orders and forming multi-purpose areas where appropriate. This approach of zoning allows introducing several special features, like a hot air balloon departure, a private starlight observation lounge, a health spa and different thematic bars, taking the spirit of an explorer vessel to another level.