Amouage Library Collection Opus VI: haute parfumerie homage to the art of living

 Amouage expands its Opus collection with rich and opulent Opus VI

Amouage Library Collection Opus VI, the latest creation of the House of Amouage is an amber, leather and woody fragrance inspired by the destruction and reinvention of knowledge and memories. Symbolising the end of a love affair, eternity is represented as broken memories in the design of the Opus VI box.

Devised by the Amouage’s Creative Director, Christopher Chong, the 6 fragrances from the Library Collection are inspired by the recollections and fragments we each acquire on our journey; the fragments that collectively represent a tome of memories. The name of the Amouage collection is drawn from the notion of the hidden treasures in a library; a notion that kindles our desire to discover and to learn.

Collectively, the Amouage Library Collection is a poetic homage to the art of living. Each fragrance has been given a “code”, an Opus number, reflecting is status as a completed work within a greater collection. The fragrances defy categorization and transcend gender, says Amouage.

“Personal memories are a fragmented journey into our lives. A source of profound knowledge, a sort of secret diary in the minds of each of us,” Christopher Chong explained the philosophy behind Amouage Opus VI.
Notes of the Amouage Library Collection OPUS VI:

Top: Sichuan pepper, incense, Pimenta aracemosa (bay rum)
Heart: periploca graeca, cypriol, patchouli
Base: ambranum, Z11, Citrus, sandalwood