Acqua di Parma in the joyful style of Emilio Pucci in support of Rewrite the Future project

Acqua di Parma and Emilio Pucci come together to support Save the Children.


2021 Acqua di Parma Holiday Season collection; @Acqua di Parma

The 2021 Acqua di Parma Holiday Season collection is decked out for the first time in the joyful style of Emilio Pucci. Superb artisanal savoir-faire, joyous spirit and a passion for beauty – all values shared by the two Italian Maisons – gave birth to an exceptional collection to support the Save the Children Riscriviamo il futuro (Rewrite the Future) project.

This new Holiday Season collection is not only a marketing tool but a joyful gesture of creativity and solidarity in support of Save the Children, the international organization that aids disadvantaged children and young people by ensuring their right to quality education. Convinced that culture and education are essential to safeguard the future and inimitable Italian art de vivre, Acqua di Parma and Emilio Pucci bring a message of optimism and confidence to current and future generations.

“In a historic period of great difficulty, young people find themselves in an unprecedented situation in terms of schooling and education,” Acqua di Parma’s president and CEO Laura Burdese said. “By sustaining the Rewrite the Future campaign by Save the Children, we aim to offer constructive support for the most deprived children and young people by working to guarantee their right to quality education.”

Faithful to the vision of its founder – who built up a rich library of prints – Emilio Pucci has brought a radiant touch to the elegant Acqua di Parma collection. The Vortici (swirl) print, inspired by an archive theme, is presented in Acqua di Parma yellow for a fresh interpretation with a harmonious movement of light and color. The swirl of positivity and joie de vivre in the Holiday Season creations are an invitation to a journey through the beauty of Italy, from sophisticated urban architecture to fabulous floral gardens and the Mediterranean coast.

“It’s a hugely emotional experience to embark on this journey of solidarity with Acqua di Parma to promote positivity and confidence all over the world by sustaining the Save the Children Rewrite the Future initiative,” says maison Emilio Pucci. “The Vortici print, which we’ve reinterpreted exclusively for this collaboration, perfectly represents the joyous spirit of our company and the love for beauty which we share profoundly with Acqua di Parma.”

The collection comes to life in a campaign by Virgilio Villaresi. The young director – who defines himself as a craftsman of dreams – has created a modern-day fable in a stop-motion video featuring the Vortici print. The video unfolds with a dynamic swirl of color that travels across Italy on a dark, starry night, joyfully illuminating monuments, enhancing gardens and stunning landscapes. On the return trip, the sky is transformed as well, and the entire world is wrapped in the magic of the starriest and brightest night of all.

2021 Acqua di Parma Holiday Season collection; @Acqua di Parma