A static Lexus ad take off for a test drive

New CinePrint Technology puts Lexus print ad in motion
Making a Print Ad Come to Life

 Lexus uses CinePrint Technology to animate the 2013 ES’s next generation design and technological advancesc by putting Lexus print ad in motion. The result is a convergence of print and digital advertising. Most traditional mashups feature print ads that redirect to a digital experience away from the printed page.

CinePrint Technology flips that on its head, creating a tactile and visceral connection that brings one closer to the printed page with a multi-sensory experience that combines sight, sound, and touch.

Readers can bring an ES print ad to life by simply placing the ad over the screen of an iPad while running the Lexus-created video found at Lexus.com/stunning. With a single touch, users will see a static Lexus ad take off for a stunning test drive.

“The new ES proves what’s possible when advanced technology is elevated by style,” said Brian Smith, Lexus vice president of marketing. “This ad not only communicates that message, but literally replicates the paradigm itself, allowing us to bring an interactive layer to a traditionally static medium.”