A photo, a moment, a memory for life : Studio Harcourt

It was such an honour for 2LUXURY2 to have alongside a partner like Studio Harcourt during our official launch at 1.618 Sustainable Luxury Paris. Those who already were at our booth, were delighted to find out that, besides all the wonders and innovations presented during the fair, they could have at the end of their visit a truly luxury souvenir  – a Harcourt photo.

The photo booth present at “Cite de la Mode et du Design” in Paris offered to all the visitors the possibility to make a portrait photo or a passport format one. The Harcourt photo booth was such a surprise and desire for all the visitors, that there were moments when more than 30 people were staying quitly and waiting to take a photo.

Studio Harcourt – The Story, The Myth, The Legend

Above – a short documentary about Studio Harcourt made by DW

Founded in 1934 by Cosette Harcourt, in association with Robert Ricci and the Lacroix brothers, Studio Harcourt Paris has immortalized the greatest figures of the 20th and 21st centuries. Its world-famous signature draws its inspiration from the glamorous roots of black and white cinema. Thanks to its unique lighting, Studio Harcourt Paris brings out the natural glow of each model.

The Harcourt touch is defying time, with inimitable style: the perfect combination between mystery and legend. Through a dazzling light capturing eternity, the Studio Harcourt Prestige and Instant portraits reflect the personality of the model. Taking pictures that have an aura of legend?

Not only. Studio Harcourt Paris also helps you organize corporate events by hosting your parties. The privatization of the Studio allows you to give a prestigious atmosphere to your event.

You are unable to come to Studio Harcourt Paris? Let Studio Harcourt Paris come to you… Thanks to the Studio Ephémère, you can confer light to any location. Harcourt Studio offers you the opportunity to have access to the whole Studio Harcourt Universe through a selection of gift items. You can thus take the spirit of Studio Harcourt Paris home with you.

 “Studio Harcourt Paris” is not only about photographs. It is an experience that transcends you, being welcomed like a celebrity, having your most beautiful features revealed and keeping a sublime picture as memory of it. ” – Fransis Dagnan – Director Studio Harcourt