83rd Geneva Motor Show: 10 % of the cars on display are “green” powered

10 % of the 900 vehicles at 83rd Geneva Motor Show “green” powered

Geneva International Motor Show ranks among the “Top 5” international automobile exhibitions in the world. The 83rd edition of the Swiss Show will be officially opened on March 7, 2013 by the President of the Swiss Confederation, Mr. Ueli Maurer. Some 700,000 visitors are expected to attend during the 11 days of the exhibition. Prior to this public opening more than 10,000 representatives of the media from all over the world will be there to discover the 130 premiers that will be presented by the world’s automobile manufacturers. 10 % of the 900 vehicles being exhibited will be “green” powered. A series of conferences regarding the future of vehicle transportation will be presented by 10 different experts. The Geneva International Motor Show, which provides an open showroom for the world to the latest technologies and designs, is one of the five most important automobile exhibitions in the automobile world.

This 83rd edition of the Geneva International Motor Show will present more than 130 World and European Premiers from the private vehicles market sector. Amongst the new exhibitors is Qoros, a Chinese brand that has chosen Geneva to launch its products for Europe. McLaren will also present its range of sports cars based on its motor sports technologies.

For five years the technologies for more economical and alternative vehicles have evolved to the point where this year more than 10 % of the 900 vehicles in the exhibition emit less than 100 grams of CO2 per kilometre.

After the recent economic crises and the rise in petrol prices, these “Green” vehicles have found a growing market with consumers more concerned about the economic impact and the cost of utilizing their vehicles. Mr. Maurice Turrettini, the President of the Geneva International Motor Show has said: “It is clearly evident that these (Green) vehicles are now completely integrated into the product offerings of the manufacturers and are interesting to all the visitors to the Motor Show and not just to those who are involved in ecology movements or those who are only technology-oriented!”

A series of conferences running from March 8-15 will enable visitors to become better informed about the latest technologies in ecology, security, and performance as well as the evolution of automobile advertising and publicity. The themes of politics and infrastructures will also be discussed and debated.

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