The 5 best Spas in Rome’s historic centre

In Rome there are many attractions, such as monuments, churches, museums and masterpieces affordable to everyone, so it’s a tourist destination that is never old fashioned.

When I visited Rome, however, I needed to take a break and enjoy every instant of my holiday to the utmost. Rome is also known as the Eternal City, so is always nice to allow you a relaxing experience in the heart of the historic centre.

It’s easy to do it if you know the best Spas in Rome’s centre, the wellness centres where to follow top quality treatments, purify yourself, forget the daily worries and find your inner balance. The staff of Hotel Area in Rome helped me find the addresses of the best Spas, because they are specialised in guided tours planning and activities tailored for each kind of traveller.

These 5 Spas have in common an elegant interior design, cosy spaces, qualified personnel, who offers a series of specific treatments, and a very easily reachable location.


Acqua Madre

AcquaMadre is a Hammam situated in one of the most romantic corners of Rome, a few steps from the Fountain of the Turtles, in Via S. Ambrogio 17.

This Spa, very close to Largo di Torre Argentina, renovates the tradition of the Hammam (also called Turkish bath), that consists of multiple rooms, from the warm room (heated by a continuous flow of hot and dry air), to the hot room and the cold room, where the expert attendants will take care of you.

At AcquaMadre you can choose among many kinds of treatments such as scrub with Dead Sea salt, a panacea for the skin, the Karité butter body treatment, whose properties keep the skin soft and smooth, and a wide range of relaxing massages.

Among these, there is the must-try Lomi Lomi massage, which derives from the Kahuna Hawaiian masters tradition, since it carries great benefits to the lymphatic, circulatory and muscular systems.

Acqua Madre 2

Terme di Trastevere


Trastevere district is one of the favourited by tourists, however, a lot of people doesn’t know that here there is also an excellent Spa. Terme di Trastevere, at Vicolo del Canale 28, is a Spa inspired to the ancient Roman baths, modernized with luxury facilities: wellness treatments based on wine or citrus, donkey milk bath, chocolate or caviar special wellness treatments.

The staff suggests the most suitable treatments to each customer and also provides exclusive paths that are ideal for couples who want to enjoy a relaxing experience in unique scenery.

The Leone d’oro path, for example, includes a hydro massage in the vat with grape extract, the sensorial chromotherapy shower, the steam bath and 25 minutes massage per person.

Hammam Balkis


If you want to discover the ancient rituals of well-being, the Hammam Balkis is the best place. This is a Turkish bath where the wellness path follows the Arab tradition, which consists in savonage (soaping with black olive oil soap), 15 minutes break at the Calidarium (a room where steam reaches 43 degrees, allowing eliminating toxins), the scrub with the traditional Kassa glove and a shower. The treatment ends with a massage with argan oil.

Don’t underestimate the relaxation area of Balkis: the spiced tea and Arabic pastries are delicious break before returning to the “real world.”
The Hammam is located in Via Alessandria 121.

El Spa

El Spa

Prati is one of the most elegant districts of Rome and is the ideal destination for shopping, because many fashion boutiques are located in the surroundings. Here, in Via Plinio 15c /d, you can find El Spa, the perfect place to relax your senses and find your inner energy thanks to the original wellness programs available.

If you plan to book a treatment for couples, you might take the opportunity to choose a special package that includes a dinner in relaxation area with vegan or raw food menu, or opt for the Night Path (from 8:00 pm to 11:30 pm), that includes body scrub, bath in the El’s pool, 30 minute massage and a toast in the relax area.

Celebrate the perfect balance between body and soul in the most prestigious Spas in Rome, your vacation will be even more memorable and full of emotions.