4 Ways to Combine Modern & Traditional Interior Design

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Those who favour modernity run the risk of going out of style, whilst those who favour classics may find the same-old feels a little too much the same from time to time.

There is another way – mixing the old with the new one of the greatest challenges of interior design but it can be done!

If you can’t decide whether to go modern or keep it classic with your interior design, these are just four inspiring ways to combine the two.

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1. Pride of place

A centrepiece is a great starting point for your interior design.

It’s important to know where to attract attention for the right reasons, but a classic centrepiece such as a velvet sofa or ornate dining table will draw the eye in such a way that the rest of your décor can afford to subvert convention in a blend of styles.

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2. Lighting

When it comes to atmosphere, lighting definitely makes a difference.

Experiment not only with lamps and light fittings, but colours and hues too. Philips Smart Bulbs are colour changing and can be controlled via a mobile phone app for whatever atmosphere you’re looking to create.

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3. Exterior

Brick exteriors are part of the classic traditional household image. But over time, they can start to look worn and weathered.

Rendering is a great solution, but can make a house look a little too modern and strip warmth away from the exterior appearance when not done flatteringly. With a partial render to complement your brick work, you’ll hit that sweet spot between modernity and traditionalism.

Direct Building Products sell rendering solutions in a variety of colours and finishes so you can choose your perfect match to get the look you want.

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4. Get creative

There’s no simpler way to switch up your home than by adding a bit of colour. For a modern interior, bold shades and statement pieces are a vibrant way to grab the attention of your visitors, whilst those who prefer a more traditional look might want to keep it classic with their artworks.

Alternatively, if you have an artistic streak of your own, why not adorn your home with your very own masterpieces? Mural walls are an increasingly popular feature of interior design, and can be adapted for any style. Paint your own, or get a shortcut with Rebel Walls. Their ready-made murals stand out from the crowd.

Artwork in the home is a truly subtle way to tweak the tone of your interior design and bring together your traditional and contemporary design features.

The two styles may seem mutually exclusive, but with a little innovation you can create a simple but stylish atmosphere in any home – experiment to find out what works and create your perfect domestic paradise!