3 Luxury Kitchen Appliances You Need In Your Home

@LG Smart Kitchen Appliances

As the holiday season approaches, you might find yourself with the opportunity to ask your friends or loved ones for gifts, or with the opportunity to spend a bit of extra money thanks to a generous holiday bonus from your employer. One of the best gifts to ask for or give yourself this holiday season is an upgraded set of home appliances. Whether you’re undergoing a home remodel with the help of Classic Home Concepts or are just looking for some high tech additions to your space, here are a few luxury kitchen appliances that can take your kitchen to the next level.

@LG Smart Fridge

1. LG Smart Fridge

Take your standard refrigerator to the next level by upgrading to a smart fridge. While this might seem like a non-essential item, the truth is that it can simplify your life around your home in ways you never thought possible! Use voice control capabilities to add items to grocery lists or update recipes while you cook, and download your favorite movie or TV streaming apps like Netflix so that you can catch up on your favorite show or film while you make or clean up dinner.

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2. Smart Microwave

While you may have never considered the possibility of having a smart microwave, but the truth is that this innovative appliance can make your life in the kitchen easier. Use voice control to add or decrease time or change the settings on the microwave, and appreciate the device’s automatic sensing that ensures your food is perfectly cooked every time. Microwaves are one of the simplest cooking appliances to use, and they just got even easier.

@Moen Smart Faucet

3. Voice Controlled Faucet

Nothing is more frustrating than needing to wash your hands or clean up a spill while you are messy from cooking. Take the frustration out of this scenario with a voice activated faucet. Turn your water on and off and adjust the temperature with just the sound of your voice and make your time in the kitchen easier than ever.