2LUXURY2 celebrated its launch in Brussels

2LUXURY2 in Brussels: Share vision. Meet people. Make photos. Let the magic work!

2LUXURY2 celebrated its launch in Brussels with another classy evening event in an distinguished art space and one of the most exceptional art galleries in Brussels – We Are Different. Demonstrating its commitment to art, new luxury code, design and art-makers, the e-magazine came to Brussels with exclusivities and one of the legend of the photographic arts – Harcourt Studio Photo booth. During the exclusive cocktail attended by around 200 personalities, the guests were invited to shine on the Harcourt spotlight and experience the magic light of the Parisian photo studio, synonymous with cinema history.

Since 1934, Studio Harcourt Paris has got through ages, trends and social changes. It is the sole survivor of an era when distinguished clients were going to great photo studios. Nowadays the people still have this dream in today’s societies: they want to leave a trace behind, a beautiful image of themselves. At a time when everything is becoming virtual, the need for a concrete legacy of exceptional quality is stronger than ever.

Taking pictures that have an aura of legend, the prominent guests were immersed in “We are different” atmosphere and enjoyed the new collection of art works. During the glittering evening, Philippe Desloubieres‘s Germination sculptures were presented to the distinguished audience.