1618 Sustainable Luxury – launching. FIRST PHOTOS

From March 29th to April 1st, the third edition of 1,618 Sustainable Luxury Fair will celebrate new luxury: more etical, respectful and immaterial.

As we said earlier on our Facebook page, the last preparations for 1,618 Sustainable Luxury Fairs in Paris were made until 18:00. At 19:00 the first guests arrived. What was supposed to be a cocktail night – was more than this: a success! A lot of visitors just came last night for the opening of this unique event dedicated to sustainable luxury.

1,618 honors the power of creative innovation during 4 days at the Cite de la Mode et du Design. 1.618 Sustainable Luxury Event is a transversal trade show, an art ehibition and a new space dedicated to Innovation.

2LUXURY2 will post more news and interviews during these days, as last night everybody was too busy to write something… people just came and came. 2LUXURY2’s partnership with the famous studio photo Harcourt was a success….at 23:00 there were still people waiting to take a photo… So if you are in Paris until 1st of April, just came and visit us.


There are a lot of concepts and brilliant ideas presented at this trade, and we are convinced that, somehow, in these moments we are living how future and luxury will be in a few years. Keep in Touch and read about the exhibition after the gallery!


Very sensitive to water issues in 2012, 1.618 Sustainable Luxury Fair in Paris is taking action to introduce the theme in the debates of this third edition. The whole event is centred on water, referred to by 1.618 Sustainable Luxury as the source for life.

Within the exhibition are presented innovative projects like Cidade das Aguas town – Unesco Hidroex, MV-Boat electric boats, Jacques Rougerie Foundation, BMW i8 and i3 concepts, and V + Volteis, the electric car designed by French designer Philippe Stark. About 30 exhibiting brands, including the Brazilian fashion brand Osklen and “Honest by” (the first 100% Transparent fashion brand), share to the world their sustainable solutions.

Conceived as a new premium mobility concept that integrates sustainability on all levels, BMW i range fully enrolled in the creative and innovative philosophy of 1,1618 Sustainable Luxury Fair. Both BMW i8 and i3 concepts are a visionary interpretation of the mobility of tomorrow. Built around the idea of full electric motorisation (i3 BMW Concept) or hybrid (i8 BMW Concept), these models project the eco-friendly series products which will be marketed in 2013.

To celebrate its 10th anniversary, Segway asked Carium, the “Exception” division of SCS Sellerie Cuir Standing, to create a luxurious and timeless edition, presented exclusively during the 4 days of the 1,1618 Sustainable Luxury event.

The Art Section of the 1,1618 – 2012 edition:
After two previous editions focused on urban issues and consumption, the art exhibit’s main theme this year is the artistic gaze in water. Water is a fundamental resource for all life forms on earth, as well as a cultural component present since the begining of time in myths and cultures. Poetic, metaphoric, or in the form of research, activism or pedagogy, the artists develop an aesthetic that feeds off the legends, apprehension and a sense of urgency.

Works and forms to be dicovered during the exhibit include: Camille Goujon, Monte Laster, Mihai Grecu, Angelika Markul, Lucy+Jorje Orta, Francois Ronsiaux, Thomas Tronel Gauthier and Marie Velardi.

The Classic Power Evolution by MV boat is similar to a Riva boat. Known as the “Rolls Royce of the ocean,” the boat is a symbol of luxury and perfection particularly appreciated by royalty and movie stars. It is extremly easy to manoeuvre, and its electric motor eas created using specifically adapted technology.

A first in Europe and the largest luxury outlet in France, The West will bring together French and International brands in a luxurious and eco-responsable setting less than 30 minutes from Paris. With its high energy performance, The West will be the first outlet in the world operating on positive energy. Starting in June 2013, it will offer a whole new shopping experience.

The French Ecotemis brand launches its debut line of luxury products within “1,1618 Sustainable Luxury: Avenue Numero 11”, a collection of indoor/outdoor designer furniture, made exclusively using green energy, completely autonomous and interactif.

Ecocentric, the online eco-chic boutique materialized for 1,618 Sustainable Luxury event. Thought up as a laboratory of ecological and organic trends, Ecocentric is a selective and elightened online store for responsible consumption. It brings together the most sustainable and luxurious brands in the area of cosmetics and gastronomy.

 1,618 Sustainable Luxury Fair organizes a unique operation in Paris wih B.E. green! On Saturday, March 30th and Sunday, April 1st, an electric mini-bus will drive visitors from the centre of Paris to the Cite de la Mode et du Design at 34, Quai d’Austerliz 75013, Paris (10 am-4pm)

Paris green car will allow visitors to go from the Cite de la Mode et du Design to train stations and airports thanks to hybrid cars and taxis.

Stay tuned for more informations about 1,618 Sustainable Luxury Event in Paris!