The world’s most advanced robots for business and home in 2020


From a robot buler that makes home life easier to fun and creative robot building kits, the future of robots are on display with UBTECH at CES 2020. At CES 2020 Ubtech will be showing its newest and most innovative robots, including Walker, AIMBOT, Cruzr, JIMU Robot, and more.

Walker robot, a finalist for the Best of CES 2019 award, is back at CES 2020 with new capabilities and functionality improvements including faster motion performance, improved mobility interactions, and enhanced environmental perception.

“This year’s presentation are demonstrating Walker’s faster, human-like walking as well as yoga poses with dynamic stability showing its huge improvement in motion control. Walker is also demonstrating new abilities such as the ability to push a cart, draw pictures, and write characters, showing improved static balance with full-body compliance control,” said Ubtech in a statement.

Aimbot, the autonomous indoor monitoring robot built for intelligent inspection, efficient inventory management, safety and security of data centers, and power distribution rooms. UBTECH is demoing AIMBOT in a data center environment built for CES 2020, showing how AIMBOT can actively monitor indicator lights on server racks, detect readings on digital instruments, assist with inventory management through RFID technology, and more.

Cruzer robot;

Cruzr, the customizable, cloud-based, intelligent humanoid service robot designed for Retail 4.0, exhibitions, hotels, healthcare, finance, and other enterprise service scenarios. Cruzr is where service meets intelligence, creating value for businesses to better attend to their customers’ needs, while allowing human teams to focus on more complex issues requiring human interaction. At CES 2020, UBTECH is demoing Cruzr’s U-SLAM navigation and obstacle avoidance, multi-modal interaction, facial recognition, humanoid design, and more.

JIMU Robot, the award-winning robotic building block system that actively prepares kids for a world in which robotics and STEM knowledge will be essential, while packaging this learning into fun, creative play.

JIMU PRO Mars Expedition Kit, a preview of a new and even more advanced line of robot building kits. This fun and inspiring robotic system allows children to create different types of multi-functional robots using modular parts that form an astronaut, a Mars rover vehicle, or a planetary base. Each robot is designed to inspire children’s imaginations about space exploration while giving them access to advanced, highly programmable technologies such as a new Artificial Intelligence system, a camera with powerful image recognition ability and first-person view, precision steering module, high-resolution LED screen, and more. UBTECH will release JIMU PRO Mars Expedition Kit later in 2020.



Iron Man MK50 Robot; @ubtrobot