Where to go in Sardinia, 5 summer activities for family holidays


According to eDreams, San Teodoro in Sardinia is the ideal place in the summer time with children.

Surrounded by a crystal-clear sea, which is also pretty warm ( the reason why pediatrics recommends San Teodoro for children), this place offers many activities for kids as hiking, horse riding opportunities, and wildlife excursions.

This guide includes tips provided by Lu Nibareddu staff, a hotel located in the northeast part of Sardinia.

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Horse riding on La Cinta Beach Sardinia

1) Horse riding on La Cinta Beach

If your kids love animals, then this is definitely the way to go! Right next to the San Teodoro’s lagoon there’s a riding ground where you can rent the horses and go explore the area. On the East side of the lagoon, you will find a nice path which ends up at La Foca, where the lagoon’s water flows into the sea.

Another place you can visit if you rent horses is the Nieddu Mountain, known for its wild nature and the beautiful landscape that surrounds it. There are three different riding grounds, and they all offer little horses for kids who never had any kind of experience with horses before.

Grotta del Bue MarinoSardegna


2) Grotta del Bue Marino

This beautiful grotto, which can only be reached with boats (the closest seaport is the one in Cala Gonone), is known because monk seals used to go there to have their babies.
At the end of this grotto there’s a beach where these animals used to go to generate. Inside the cave there’s also a wide salt lake which is one of the largest in the world.

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Capo Coda Cavallo Beach

3) Capo Coda Cavallo Beach

All the beaches in this area are great for kids and families, but my personal favorite is the one of Capo Coda Cavallo. Appearing right in front of the Proratora, Molara and Tavolara islands, this beach has really thin sand crystal-clear water. From its panoramic point you can also see the protected Area of Tavolara. The panoramic point also used to be a spot which was strategically important during World War II to catch sight of the unite planes.

Sardinial attractions-Sardegna diving

Sardinial attractions-

4) Diving spots

One of my favorite things to do, when I was a kid, was scuba diving. Sardinia is definitely the place to go if you’re into this kind of activities. The sea is simply gorgeous and there are a lot of spots to go to see all the “under the sea” nature.

My personal favorite is the one in Secca di Punta Arresto. The lighting game is pretty strong and you can easily see barracudas and snappers. Due to all the light that keeps intersecting with the shadow it’s the perfect place for underwater photography. Visit this website to know how to do scuba diving here: http://www.sardegnaturismo.it/en/what-to-do/scuba-diving-and-snorkelling

Orgosolo’s wall paintings Sardegna-Sardinia Italy

Orgosolo’s wall paintings Sardegna

5) Orgosolo’s wall paintings

Right in the heart of Sardinia, precisely in Barbagia, Orgosolo is not the typical village for tourists. People who live there don’t even know what the sea smells like, and nature and mountains are pretty rough and wild.

This little town history is quite interesting as well: here if you wanted a piece of land you had to steal it. Today the village has become a symbol, due to all the changes that it had to go through the years. Here the popular art found its voice trough the wall paintings: every house has one on its wall. They represent the Resistance and Freedom, that’s why all the people did it on their houses.

la nibareddu hotel sardinia - sardegna tourist attractions

Sardinial attractions-Sardegna

Sardinial attractions-Sardegna-


Sardinia cultural attractions

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