What if water is the most precious gift? Green Cross, Armani water campaign expanding in Africa, Latin America and Asia

What if water is the most precious gift?
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Water covers 75% of the planet, but only 3% of this is fresh water and less than 1% (0.7%) is actually accessible to meet all our needs. Children are always the first victims of water shortage and pollution as they are more vulnerable, and each day 4,000 die worldwide from preventable water-related diseases, mostly diarrhoea.

In 2012, the global water crisis has not been solved yet. About 900 million people still have no access to safe drinking water.After the success of the 2011 Acqua for Life challenge, when the set objective of 40 million litres of safe drinking water per year for Ghana was surpassed, the Emporio Armani Group renewed its commitment and extended the beneficiating communities to both Ghana and Bolivia, with an additionnal 40 million litres to meet..

Those 40 million litres, combined with the 43 million litres of water already being provided every year to communities supported by the 2011 campaign, will bring that effort to an annual total of 83 million litres of safe drinking water being made accessible to populations long deprived of it. Armani hopes to exceed this figure though, particularly through its new digital challenge.

Giorgio Armani gives you the opportunity to explore the world and show your support to the Acqua for Life challenge. From Milano to Bolivia through Ghana, during 3 months join us along the Water Race. Keep track of your journey, share your daily position and invite your friends to join the Water Race. The target : 40 millions of safe drinking water for the Bolivian and Ghanaian communities chosen to benefit from the Acqua for Life project.