Wealth creation at different ages: wealthiest person at each decade


Wealth-X released a list of the wealthiest person at each decade, from their 20s through their 90s, revealing insights into wealth creation at different ages.

The list shows that:

  • The wealthiest individual across all age groups is Bill Gates, Microsoft founder and the Bill & Melinda Foundation co- chairman, age 60, with a net worth of US$87.3 billion as of 20 November.
  • The least wealthy person on the list is also the youngest — Snapchat CEO Evan Spiegel, age 25, with a current net worth of US$2 billion.
  • Only one woman made the list: Liliane Bettencourt, the 93-year-old French heiress to the L’Oreal cosmetics empire, with a current net worth of US$31.4 billion.
  • Entrepreneurship was a common theme across the age groups: all of the individuals, with one exception, are self-made billionaires.
  • Americans in the tech industry dominated the list.
  • The Wealthiest Person At Each Decade:

Decade 20s: Evan Spiegel (Age 25) American; Net Worth 2.0 US$ billions; Company: Snapchat; Wealth Source: Self-made;
Decade 30s: Mark Zuckerberg (Age 31) American; Net Worth 47.2 Company: Facebook; Wealth Source: Self-made;
Decade 40s: Larry Page (Age 42) American; Net Worth 41.6 Company: Alphabet – Google; Wealth Source: Self-made;
Decade 50s: Jeff Bezos (Age 51) American; Net Worth 60.0 Company: Amazonl; Wealth Source: Self-made;
Decade 60s: Bill Gates (Age 60) American; Net Worth 87.3 Company: Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation; Wealth Source: Self-made;
Decade 70s: Amancio Ortega Gaona (Age 79) Spanish; Net Worth 73.2 Company: Inditex; Wealth Source: Self-made;
Decade 80s: Warren Buffett (Age 85) American; Net Worth 62.4; Company: Berkshire Hathaway; Wealth Source: Self-made;
Decade 90s: Liliane Bettencourt (Age 93) French; Net Worth 31.4 Company: L’Oreal; Wealth Source: Inherited.