Venenum – the first U-BOAT Bike

 Venenum by Italo Fontana & Dino Romano – the first U-BOAT Bike

Venenum is the concept of time translated into a bike. U-BOAT‘s innovative watches are now embodied in a bold motorcycle concept of complete freedom. This concept have always won over U-BOAT designer Italo Fontana. These visions of the Time, the sense of freedom coupled with the perception of power within all his creations, have been inspiration for another designer, Dino Romano, famous Special Triumph customizer, that shared Italo’s passions.

Always attracted by speed and motors, Italo Fontana & Dino Romano surrendered to the speed & power passion by forging the amazing U -Boat Venenum motorcycle, which 2LUXURY2 had the occasion to see at this year Baselworld 2013. Hand-crafted “Made in Tuscany” motor- bike is produces on Triumph Rocket III with 3 cilinders engine of 140 Cu. in displacement and 220 Nm torque. According to Italo Fontana, Venenum boasts 160 horse power and a 595 Lbs total weight.

“That’s why every time I build a bike special and hand it over to the customer it’s as if a part of me would go away,” said Dino Romano, one of the most appreciated customizer based Triumph of the world, combining creativity and originality to the power of its bikes.

Venenum highly handmade customizable bike is limited to 100 units.