Tron Lightcycle, a Tron bike perfectly legal for circulation

Finally there is a Tron bike to explore the urban jungle in perfect legality. Tron Lightcycle is an electric motorcycle created by Parker Brothers Choppers. It is powered by a 96-volt electric motor, which runs on lithium-ion batteries. The best part of this Tron project is that manufacturers offer one of their futuristic engines to a SF fan.

In order to bring the Tron bike in your garage you must upload until November 7, 2011 a 3 minute movie and to convince the jury at Parker Brothers Choppers that you deserve to climb the Thron. All details can be found on the Parker Brothers Choppers website. To enter, log onto and click on the “Contest” link and follow through to the on-line contest entry page by clicking on the “Tron Giveaway” contest link. The video below allows a closer examination of the Tron Lightcycle bike.