Transparent kayaks. Endorphines guaranteed

A new exhilarating way of kayaking

Enjoying the oceans depths in a glass bottom boat is an experience that can be fulfilled with an invisible kayaks, an Clear Blue Hawaii invention. With polycarbonate kayaks (Molokini and Napali transparent model) we can view of up 75 feet underwater.

The high-tech polymer that is used for Clear Blue Hawaii’s kayaks is better known as Polycarbonate and is the same durable material used in the production of bulletproof glass and fighter jet canopies. Products made from Polycarbonate are usually shatter-resistant and virtually unbreakable. Impact resistance tests have included intense crashing against rocky shorelines, 20ft drops, hammer blows, and even the accidental ejection out of a vehicle at 70 mph. The best proof for the material durability, weather ability and impact resistance is that fighter jet canopies are made out of Polycarbonate.

Clear Blue Hawaii‘s Napali is not only the sole transparent foldable kayak in the world; it is also among the very lightest, weighing only 26 lbs. The Napali masterpiece is an unrivaled blend of function and style.

Voted by Fortune magazine as the top outdoor product of the year 2003 and by Time magazine as one of the coolest inventions of 2003, it was also nominated for the prestigious SGMA award ‘Sports Product of the Year 2004’, the Academy Award of the sporting goods industry.

It is not without a cause that the Museum of Modern Art in NYC decided to feature the Napali as a permanent piece of exhibition starting in Fall 2004.