Bonjour Royal Jack! Meet Christofle’s first pet collection


Christofle Royal Jack pet collection;

Bonjour Jack! Royal Jack is a new range of Christofle pet accessories that provides luxury and elegance to your furry friends. Fabricated with high-quality materials, Royal Jack highlights the value and codes of the Christofle high-end maison: the art of sharing.

Imagine your pet dog, Jack, walking the streets of Paris, New York or LA. Christofle has a new lineup of premium pet accessories including a silver bowl adorned with a crown shining on top, a peacock green collar & leash and a collar charm that can be engraved with the name of your beloved pet.

Go for a walk in the city or countryside. There are two types of peacock collar collar sizes, small and medium. If you place matching collars onto your dogs or cats, your love for this piece will double. The sterling silver charm features the Christofle crown emblem engraved on one side. The other side is blank for you to engrave your pet’s name or other details. The charm pairs well with Christofle collars in the same collection.

Christofle Royal Jack pet collection 2021;

Christofle Royal Jack pet collection 2021;


Take a walk through the streets of Paris with the metal chain leash attached to a peacock green calfskin handle that matches the collar. Your dog’s or cat’s can be engraved on the back of the medal charm attached to the collar.

Christofle Royal Jack pet collection 2021;


The stainless steel double bowl is decorated with a shining crown on top. The large bowls can hold an ample amount of water and food. Nowadays, we are attentive to the hygiene of our beloved pets, so pay attention to the antibacterial power that is a characteristic of stainless steel.

If you have multiple pets, you can arrange for them to eat together. The bowl’s design is conscious of the food bowl that can be used as thof its function while doubling as a decorative piece.

Sterling Silver Medal / Christofle Royal Jack pet collection 2021;

Christofle Royal Jack pet collection 2021;