Tips for Planning the Perfect Stag Do

So your best friend is getting married and he asked you to be his best man. Now you have thousands of things to help him with, but the most important of them is planning an organizing his stag party. Keep in mind that you are the only one responsible for the best stag party for the groom. Below you can find several useful tips from Toronto experts and surprise everyone!
1. Confirm Date of Wedding

It sounds like an obvious step, however many best men forget to do so and then simply leave no time to arrange a perfect party with stag models & hostesses and lots of alcohol. Don’t be one of them and stay organized all the time! Confirm the date of the wedding to ensure that you do not put your party a day before the special day.

2. Confirm the Date for the Stag Party

As you know the wedding date you can set the stag party date. Experts advise doing so no closer than two weeks prior to the wedding. Never make a stag party on the night before the wedding because you risk losing groom! Keep in mind that groom is your direct responsibility and you need to keep an eye on him all the time before the wedding.

3. Who to Invite to the Stag Party?

First of all, you need to ‘invite’ hospitality staffing and stag hostesses to set the mood for the party. These professionals will be the best decoration and amazing helpers for you on such a rough night. Now coming closer to the guest list.

You obviously need to have a groom at a party, and the other people should be discussed upon with the groom. Most frequently you will need his home, school, and college friends as well as some relatives and fathers (his father and father-in- law). But some grooms prefer smaller circles of people at their parties, so make sure to consult your groom about the guest list prior to sending invitations.

4. Choose the Stag Weekend Location

Many people opt for extreme sports day today so our tip is to start from the very morning. Make the whole day filled with various emotions. Start from amazing full breakfast, proceed to some remote location and try some kind of new extreme sport or activity. Then give everyone some time to relax during the dinner and closer to the evening plan a party with stag hostesses and a variety of activities, such as casino, bowling, competitions, beer pong, etc.

5. DIY Stag Weekend or Getting Pro Help?

This is completely your decision, but if you have funds to hire professional fashion models and party planners to at least help you with all the arrangements then do so, because you will be busy enough anyway. Professionals will help you hire the right staff as well as booking locations and arranging every activity. By hiring a pro you somehow getting all the pressure from your shoulders, but anyway you have to remember that groom is your responsibility on this day and that you need to constantly keep an eye on him!

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