The world’s most sexy, expensive and advanced speakers: 25 Best Audiophile Speakers of All Time

The editors of blog sat down for a classic debate over what are truly the best, ultimate level loudspeakers of all-time. The list included speakers costing $5,000 and more per pair from the modern era of audiophile speakers as well as all-time classics from the 1970s, 1980s and 1990s.

Voting on this highly subjective subject was done using a method inspired by Bill James’ Sabremetrics (the science behind baseball) which is the idea behind the recent Brad Pitt movie “Money Ball”. Every speaker was judged in five categories including: Performance (100 points), Relative Value (25 points, Longevity/Relevance (25 points), Aesthetics (25 points) and Lust Factor (25 points) for a total of 200 possible points.

Ever speaker on this list is a winner. They are excellent at one or more elements, thus have a place in audiophile history –
but only one speaker can win and this one is Wilson Audio WATT Puppy Sasha W/P, followed by Bowers & Wilkins 800 Series Diamond, JM Labs – Focal Grand Utopia (3rd place), Wilson Audio Alexandria/Grand SLAMM (4th place) and Wilson Audio MAXX (5th place). See the entire slideshow and vote your favorite.

1. Wilson Audio WATT Puppy Sasha W/P $26,950/pair
2. Bowers & Wilkins 800 Series Diamond $24,000/pair
3. JM Labs – Focal Grand Utopia $180,000/pair
4. Wilson Audio Alexandria/Grand SLAMM $158,000/pair
5. Wilson Audio MAXX $68,000/pair
6. Wisdom Audio Sage Series Varies
7. Paradigm Reference Signature S8 $5,400-$6,000/pair
8. Canton Reference 3.2 DC $16,000/pair
9. MartinLogan CLS $2,490-$6,000/pair
10. Bowers and Wilkins Nautilus $60,000/pair
11. Revel Ultima Salon $16,000 -$22,000/pair
12. Meridian DSP 8000 $40,000/pair
13. Magico Q5 $59,950/pair
14. Sonus Faber Guarneri Memento $15,000/pair
15. Dynaudio Evidence Temptation $30,000/pair
16. Revel Performa F52 $6,498/pair
17. Magnepan 3.7 $5,500 -$5,900/pair
18. MBL 101 $70,500/pair
19. Definitive Technology BP7000 $5,700/pair
20. THIEL CS 3.7 $12,900 -$13,400/pair
21. Avalon Acoustics ISIS $62,000/pair
22. VonSchweikert VR-4 $5,995/pair
23. RBH T30 $15,000/pair
24. Meyer Sound X10 $51,120/pair
25. Quad ESL $2,850 -$7,999/pair