The Time-Eater Wrist Monster: The Meeting Between Louis Erard And Konstantin Chaykin Gave Birth To A Strange Creature

Time-Eater watch by @Konstantin Chaykin x @Louis Erard

The Time-Eater wristwatch is the result of a collaboration between Louis Erard and Konstantin Chaykin, two master watchmakers with a passion for creativity and innovation. The project began with Louis Erard offering up his regulator watch as a sacrifice to a grotesque saw-mouthed cyclops, a mythological figure reinterpreted by Chaykin.

The meeting of these two visionaries gave birth to a strange creature – a one-eyed monster with the mechanics of a wristwatch. Unlike most watches, this monster’s hour indicator is a single, large, round eye that appears to be looking at the wearer. The creature is completed with a black toad strap and comes in two versions, a purple hour circle for the 39 mm piece and a green one for the 42 mm, both priced at 4000 francs. The two versions form a diptych, proposed in a special box at 7900 francs and limited to only 28 pieces.

Time-Eater watch by @Konstantin Chaykin x @Louis Erard

This cyclopean gaze takes inspiration from Konstantin Chaykin’s Wristmons collection, launched in 2017, which features watches with faces of monsters.

The Time-Eater’s eye was inspired by the Likho, a one-eyed monster from Slavic fairy tales. Chaykin explains that he created this watch as part of his Halloween monster series, and the Likho’s eye was chosen as a kind of protective amulet against evil spirits.

The small second at six o’clock features a disc with pointed teeth that turn like the devouring mouth of an ogre. This was inspired by Francisco Goya’s painting “Saturn Devouring His Son” and Stephen King’s short story “The Langoliers”, which features time-eating creatures.

To complete the cartoonish character of the Time-Eater, Konstantin Chaykin played with “specific finger combinations” on the minute hand, giving it the appearance of an arrow with a point at one end and a plumage at the other. Each person is free to interpret the meaning of these details. The result of this collaboration is a unique and fascinating timepiece that combines Swiss watchmaking tradition with high creativity and innovation.

Time-Eater watch by @Konstantin Chaykin x @Louis Erard