The power of advocacy and sisterhood: Jane Fonda unveils 5th chapter of the Pomellato for Women

@Pomellato unveils the 5th chapter of its Pomellato for Women for International Women’s Day 2022.

Believing in the power of advocacy and sisterhood, Pomellato unveils the 5th chapter of its Pomellato for Women campaign with a new video for International Women’s Day 2022.

With an exceptional cast led by Jane Fonda for the 5th consecutive year, the video’s message underscores the power of being present today, for ourselves, and for one another. Recognizing the impact of luxury brand visibility, Pomellato upholds this responsibility on the world stage, beginning the #PomellatoForWomen platform in 2018 to champion female empowerment, to promote inclusivity, equality and environmentalism, and to ignite and promote change.

For the 5th annual Pomellato International Women’s Day video, the Milanese jeweler was honored to welcome back actress Jane Fonda, one of Hollywood’s original feminists and political activists. Jane Fonda has shared her wisdom and lent her voice to Pomellato for Women since it launched in 2018. For this year’s video, she was joined by a cast of inspirational role models including Italian icon Valeria Golino, an actress and director; Chinese actress and producer Yao Chen; Australian actress, writer and producer Rebel Wilson, who has inspired millions sharing her transformative journey to health and wellness; American actress, singer and trailblazer Michaela Jaé Rodriguez, who changed history as the first transgender woman to win a Golden Globe; Australian rising star Samara Weaving; multi-hyphenate entrepreneur Aisha Tyler who promotes the importance of freedom and bravery to embrace who we really are; and actress, singer and songwriter Alexandra Shipp, an advocate for diversity.

Each woman spoke openly about their own journeys, inviting us to be present in who we truly are inside, while letting go of preconceived ideas for how we should be, each singing a hymn to authenticity and truth as they spoke of respect for self and for our fellow sisters.

The cast addressed being centered, being grateful for who we are today because of the obstacles we have overcome.They underlined that it is how we overcome adversity that we discover who we are, that letting go of stereotypes and owning our truth is how we will become the most authentic versions of ourselves.


Pomellato uses #PomellatoForWomen as a platform to promote change while creating a dialogue about positive female empowerment.

The Pomellato for Women videos have followed a trajectory of messaging encouraging equality and sisterhood. 2018’s breakthrough video reminded women that we are in this together, and that no one is alone. 2019 reinforced that we are all a part of a worldwide sisterhood, no matter the race, country, age or creed. 2020 highlighted the power of diversity, and the need for inclusion and tolerance in all aspects of the modern world. 2021 commended the power of womenkind and our incredible resilience.

Sabina Belli, CEO of Pomellato, cited her vision for the 2022 Pomellato for Women video, “The messaging women normally receive is that we need to be more, better, different. This year, Pomellato wants womenkind to hear and remember that we are enough – we are more than enough. Let’s accept and revel in our imperfections, as they make us unique and human. Let’s be proud of our achievements but also entirely authentic – own it, show it, love it! If we are present for each other, it’s that spirit of cooperation and non-judgement that allows us to become the strongest sisterhood. I am proud to stand with Pomellato for Women and I am so proud to carry on these important messages to my sisters”.

In view of recent developments and the tragedy in Ukraine, Pomellato has made a donation to the UNHCR and is spearheading a fundraising campaign benefitting UN Women to protect and empower women and girls in Ukraine.