The future of Luxury changed by digital media

Luxury cannot be branded anymore if there is not a human being  mind alive to represent it. Digital media is definitively changing the world of luxury.
Only talking brands will survive not brands. Brands need souls to communicate via digital media.

In 10 years bloggers will be more famous in collective mind than Chanel, Dior or Gucci because they will still have something to say.  This is not anymore the brands who matter but the messages behind the brands and the possibility to communicate many messages. Only alive people can communicate as much Christian Dior is not there and what communication can be deliver and share by the public on twitter about simple objects. Digital will shoe that except from ages communication is very limited. If l oral had one message touching people You are worth it, it is still one and only one. This is making digital communication very limited.

In the next future the most successfully  brands will be bloggers as they will help selling the products in giving them a voice, a soul. We will buy them as we will have some one to trust behind someone who do not only put products on the market but who shares emotions thoughts and human concerns on all actuality subjects with all consumers.
Christian Dior or Coco Chanel can unfortunately not come back on earth to share their thoughts.

by Creezy Courtoy – luxury expert