The Fragrant Cloud/ OSNI, first Cartier’s multi-sensory experience at the edge of the ethereal

Le Nuage Parfumé: The first OSNI or Unidentified Scented Object by the Maison Cartier.

Cartier Nuage Parfume

The first OSNI or Unidentified Scented Object by the Maison Cartier; image: cartier


Cartier’s first Scented Cloud experience at Palais de Tokyo in Paris was a journey suspended between heaven and earth, in an dream-inducing imaginary landscape.

The first OSNI or Unidentified Scented Object by the Maison Cartier was presented last month at the Bassin du Palais de Tokyo in Paris. Dreamt up by Mathilde Laurent, Cartier’s in-house perfumer, Le Nuage Parfumé (The Scented Cloud) is the first in a series of unique olfactory experiences created alongside talented people from all over the world. This first experiment is inspired by the latest perfume of Cartier, L’Envol, created by the perfumer Mathilde Laurent in collaboration with Transsolar  KlimaEngineering, an international climate engineering firm determined to create exceptional, highly comfortable indoor and outdoor spaces with a positive environmental impact.

cartier l'envol de cartier perfume

L’envol de Cartier Perfume; image: Oliver Vegas;

Cartier Nuage Parfume 2017

The first OSNI or Unidentified Scented Object by the Maison Cartier; 2017; image: cartier



An unprecedented encounter between the art of perfumery and the latest technologies, The Scented Cloud/ OSNI.1 materialized in a glass cube thanks to a stratification of the air, an immaterial and sensory architecture that celebrates the elevation of the senses and the spirit.

OSNI.1, The Scented Cloud, inaugurates a series of multi-sensory experiences that place olfactory art at the heart of the device by associating it with other artistic and scientific languages, said Cartier.

“Typically, we aim to create a sense of comfort, but sometimes we aim to create interesting perceptions. We always prefer solutions that do no harm, or even better, that create positive change. So why now a fragrant cloud?” explained Transsolar.

“The cloud in a cube is a sensual experience of our environment, this time specifically designed as an installation. It is about quality and thoughtful design, it is about working with material and climate and not delegating performance to machines and energy. We want to expand this knowledge and inspire our professional community to design for people and comfort,” added Transsolar.

cartier perfumes power

“How powerful is a scent? It has the power to transport you to that place, that moment. Even if you are in the middle of the most crowded street in the most crowded city. As soon as some drops of that scent reach your senses, magic happens. The strength of a fragrance is measured by the distance it is able to make you fly. ” – photographer Oliver Vegas. image: Oliver Vegas


Watch perfumer Mathilde Laurent describing the inspiration behind L’Envol de Cartier: