Technological choreography: Dior Homme Chiffre Rouge C01 limited edition

Red Allert: Dior Homme Chiffre Rouge C01
Timeless timekeeping with Dior

Dior says time is the essence of its know-how. C01, the new member of Chiffre Rouge watch family marks an important first for a Dior timepiece. 2012 Chiffre Rouge has been transformed and had its elegance elevated with technical flair – a technological invention in the form of a retrograde function. Boasting a signature Dior Homme cotton piqué motif, the timepiece offers, in addition to the power reserve and weekday indicators, the date indicated with a retrograde hand.

“And the thing that makes the retrograde function so special?” Dior asks us. “The hand never completes a full revolution of the dial. It goes as far as to indicate the last day of the month before descending and repositioning itself on the first day of the following month in the blink of an eye.”

C01 is limited to 200 pieces. The watch has a brushed steel case, silver-plated opaline dial with cotton piqué motif displaying date, day and power reserve, black-tinted transparent case-back, slate-grey alligator strap.

Chiffre Rouge collection include: Chiffre Rouge (Ø 39 mm, automatic movement “Dior Inversé” calibre), Chiffre Rouge A05 Blacktime, Chiffre Rouge DO2, Chiffre Rouge DO1, Chiffre Rouge A03, Chiffre Rouge A02, Chiffre Rouge A06.