Staying Posh, Glam and Green: Time to Take a Look at Home Renovation Ideas for 2020



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To be truly creative and stand out with a home remodeling project post-completion, the entire thing has to be carefully planned and well-funded. However, the willingness to also think about the environment and the carbon footprint your home is leaving behind requires equal attention as well.

Today we are going to go through a bunch of home improvement ideas, tips and projects, that will not only stand out with an appeal of class and luxury, but they will also give your home the much-needed eco-friendly touch. It will signify the fact that you are willing to put in the effort necessary for saving the planet, as small as the changes may be.

Alyssa Kapito Interiors; source @sisterparishdesign

Embrace the “Grandmillennial” Style

Just in case the name did not give it away, this is a concept that compiles the best of classic design elements of luxury, with contemporary ideas and technology. A best of both worlds strategy in interior decoration, the grandmillennial style was only recently introduced to the home décor business.

The exact implementations and how they will look post project completion will vary of course, but the central theme is that of combining the old classics with the new age hits. Natural fiber for rugs with sharp lined furniture, oriental architecture, and themes are contrasted by western modern art and other similar ideas that create beauty and uniqueness, without making the decor feel absurd in any way.

One can even go as far as saying that you don’t even need to look at magazines and copy ideas, but can simply try the theme of going with an old, but classy décor in the background, accentuated by modern elements in the foreground. Keep the theme in mind, but improvise and innovate with your own idea and personal favorites in both styles.

Hungarian Fashion and Design Agency at Maison & Objet Parid 2020; ©Francis Amiand

Jovial, Vibrant Colors are the Way to Go

We are not saying that gray on gray is something that can’t work in certain households with the appropriate setting, but it may not be the brightest idea, both literally and figuratively speaking! Shades of gray may have been a hit in some sections of the world last year, but most didn’t agree, and rightfully so.

Gray doesn’t inspire happiness or energy, rather it does the exact opposite, which is why interior decorators have abandoned the gloom and embraced the vibrant colors with open arms. Although we don’t think you should start painting your walls with fluorescent colors all over, brighter shades, or at least lighter shades are certainly the theme of 2020.


Monochromatic Themes are Making Their Way In

A monochromatic theme was originally restricted to fashion, but that barrier has been breached now as monochrome shades are now a hit nearly everywhere. However, before late 2019, it was not as popular in interior décor as it is now. Some of the core elements that define proper monochromatic décor are as follows:

  • The entire room needs to be painted in various shades of the same color;
  • A common mistake would be to paint the whole room in one shade of the same color, but that would be kind of a disaster!
  • Paint the ceiling and walls in a single color of choice, but ensure the shades are different;
  • Put down a rug or a carpet that matches the color, but can be distinguished in the shade and/or texture;
  • Ensure that most, if not all, furniture and other accessories in the room also match the monochromatic color theme;
  • Create contrast between the background and the foreground by keeping the darker or lighter shades of the color restricted to only one of the two;
  • Choosing a lighter color for the monochromatic theme is advised, and it’s better to keep the darker shades reserved for the foreground.


Black (or Dark) Doors

Traditionally, doors have either been of the lighter shades of white and cream, or they have held on to brown for centuries. If you have never seen a black door before, then that’s understandable, because they were not considered appropriate in a home. Times have changed though, and black has slowly emerged as the supreme color in not just fashion, but also in interior décor.

This year, it’s time for the black door in all its mysterious appeal to rise in front of the interior décor trends for 2020. It’s a simple way to stand out from the rest, but there’s a catch to implementing the black door with success. Unless it’s done well and in good taste all around, the door could end up looking more ominous than mysterious! Take note of the following points to avoid making a few crucial mistakes:

  • A shiny black door is ideal because matt doesn’t work here;
  • Gold or silver handles are the best options to make it look classy and non-threatening;
  • A black door needs to be set in a light background, or the effect is lost; apply light shades on the walls to make it work;
  • If you don’t like black at all for some reason, opt for dark red or charcoal.

Save Energy and the Environment: Install a Solar Roof

Solar roofs can be made to work with any décor and they stand out as a sign of awareness. Although solar Sacramento companies have been pushing PV panels for decades now, it’s only in the last few years that solar panel installation has actually become extremely cost-efficient. Even if you are not the kind of person who needs to worry about energy bills too much, it’s always an advantage to be able to produce your power and go off the grid.

Pay a short visit to for solar panel installation in Sacramento, and book an appointment with them. They will be able to offer a quick inspection, suggestion and estimation regarding the size, budget and even design of your solar power generation system. In case you do not want it to be on the roof of the main building, they can also help you get it set up on any appropriately sunny sections of the yard, or maybe on top of an adjacent shade or greenhouse within the property.

Antiquated Tapestries in the Living Room

The timeless appeal of antiquated tapestries is not going to go away anytime soon, if ever! They are a hit this year, as they always have been. If you are someone who really is in love with nature-inspired, classic design elements, you will most likely love the Belgian verdure tapestries, but there are plenty of other options too. You can contrast them with modern décor elements as well, and they will still work flawlessly.

When it comes to interior décor, it’s best to keep the latest trends in your periphery without following them blindly. Classic, established norms will always work like a charm, but the trick is to add in the trends you like in small doses from time to time. It keeps things fresh while maintaining the solid interior décor foundation of your home. If, however, you do choose to go for a total overhaul, make sure that you commit to it, rather than leaving the project half-finished and half-hearted. The results of that are never ideal.

Maison & Objet 2020; ©Francis Amiand