Smart Homes of The Future – What We Can Expect to See

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When you think about what a luxurious home will look like in the near future, you can’t help but think of a smart home. Large mansions with historical art pieces and unique design is what we all expect by now.

However, when you think of a home equipped with gadgets and IoT (Internet of Things) devices that make our lives a lot more seamless, it has luxury spelled all over it. How technology will evolve in the next ten years is anyone’s guess.

It’s like trying to guess March Madness odds. You can expect how things will turn out but there’s always something unexpected that can happen. Smart homes are already a thing but they’re not quite what they could be yet. With that in mind, here’s what smart homes of the future may look like and what we can expect to see.

Automated homes

Living in a fully automated home seemed like science fiction not so long ago. Today, automated homes are, indeed, a reality. Alarm clocks you can set once and never again, air conditioning and heating that turns itself on when specific conditions are met, ovens and stoves that preheat themselves while you’re on your way from work are all available nowadays.

Although we are still far away from fully automated homes, we’re not actually that far when you think about it. There are many individual automated household items you can purchase.

All that remains an integrated system that will connect every device and enable full automation across your entire home. Sensors, cameras, gadgets and even drones will eventually monitor everything in your home and do exactly what you program them to do. All you have to do is sit back and enjoy.

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Smart environments

Even though IoT devices and smart appliances make our homes smart, it’s not the full potential these gadgets are capable of. So far, equipping your home with such devices is very expensive. Experts claim that consumers have already spent $123 billion on IoT devices.

And that number is projected to rise even higher. There’s a good chance that we are just a few tears away from having a fully integrated smart environment in our homes. In other words, our homes will be powered by artificial intelligence (AI) and homes will learn more about us as time goes by.

You can turn the lights off and on using voice control but even that won’t be necessary in the future. Using machine learning, your home will be able to accurately predict what you want to do and will respond accordingly before you have to instruct it to do anything.


Smarter appliances

Smart appliances are already available and quite popular among consumers. A fridge that can tell you which groceries and the amount you have in stock is actually very useful for managing your spending and food consumption.

That same fridge can order additional groceries online if you program it to do so. Now imagine adding automated smart robotics to that scenario.

You have a smart fridge, a smart stove and a robotic assistant that can cook you dinner while you’re on your way home. Smart appliances will pave the way to more luxurious homes that will be able to do our bidding even when we are not around to tell them what to do.


Closing Words

Luxurious smart homes are closer than we think. Technology continues to advance and evolve at a rapid pace. In just a few years, modern technology could revolutionize our homes and the way we live. It remains to be seen just how that will happen but we know for certain that it will happen eventually.

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