Rolls-Royce: Centenary Drive for Spirit of Ecstasy mascot anniversary

Rolls-Royce Centenary Drive for Spirit of Ecstasy mascot anniversary
Rolls-Royces Centenary Drive: 100 modern and vintage Rolls-Royces Drive Through London

The Spirit of Ecstasy – a mascot adorning the prow of all Rolls-Royce motor cars – has turned its centenary. Rolls-Royce is marking 100 years to the day since the “Spirit of Ecstasy” design was first registered as a trademark. The graceful flying lady hood ornament has adorned the prow of every Rolls-Royce model throughout the years.

To celebrate Spirit of Ecstasy centenary Rolls-Royce Motor Cars hosted the Centenary Drive of 100 historic and contemporary Rolls-Royce models from central London to Syon Park in west London. The cars taking part were carefully selected to represent the long history of the Rolls-Royce luxury brand.  Rolls-Royce motor car owners are members of a hardy tribe, not afraid of braving the weather to honour the machines  onto wich they lavish so much time, love-not least-money. The owners are an eclectic mix of ultra-weaalthy car collectors and enthusiasts who have skimped and saved to afford the cars of their dreams. 

A selection of current Phantom and Ghost models were driven by media and customer guests, while around 100 heritage vehicles supplied by the Rolls-Royce Enthusiasts Club took part.