Porsche is further expanding e-bikes. Plus a hypersport tyre for the most demanding motorcyclists

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eBikes expand the Porsche e-mobility concept, which began with the Taycan.

Porsche is driving forward its e-mobility strategy in a holistic manner. In 2019, the company presented the Taycan as the brand’s first all-electric sports car. Almost 40 per cent of the Porsche cars delivered in Europe in 2021 were already electrified – i.e. plug-in hybrids or fully electric models. Worldwide, the share was just under 25 per cent.

The Stuttgart-based sports car manufacturer now wants to make greater use of this know-how in the attractive and fast-growing e-bike market.

The Stuttgart based sports car manufacturer acquired a stake in Fazua, an innovative manufacturer of e-bike drive systems, and establishes a strategic partnership with Ponooc Investment B.V. The Dutch company focuses on sustainable energy and mobility solutions. Ponooc is part of Pon Holdings B.V. – a trading and service company with around 16.000 employees worldwide, which is also active, amongst others, in the bike industry and the automotive business.

@Porsche eBikes

Porsche is acquiring 20 percent of the shares in Fazua GmbH. In addition, there is an option to purchase further shares, which will allow Porsche to take over Fazua completely. The company from Ottobrunn near Munich was founded in 2013 and is a pioneer in the development of lightweight, compact drive technologies. It established the new category of “light e-bikes” and today employs more than 100 people. More than 40 renowned brands already rely on Fazua’s technologies. The parties have agreed not to disclose the purchase price.

Together with Ponooc, Porsche plans to establish two joint ventures that will be active in the field of electric mobility. The first joint venture is to develop, manufacture and distribute a future generation of high-quality Porsche e-bikes. The second company will focus on technological solutions in the fast growing micro mobility market.

Irrespective of these activities, Porsche continues to work in a proven manner with its long-standing partner Rotwild on its current e-bike models. In March 2021, the company launched its interpretation of exclusive electric bikes with the Porsche e-bike Sport and the e-bike Cross. In addition, Porsche Digital GmbH is building a platform for digital services around the cycling experience under the Cyklær brand.


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The innovative technologies applied to the carcass make these new Pirelli DIABLO ROSSO IV Corsa tires able to adhere to the micro-roughness of the asphalt, ensuring precise feedback and a feeling of control;

Pirelli presents the new DIABLO ROSSO IV Corsa, the high-performance hypersport tyre that raises the bar of sport riding even higher within the DIABLO ROSSO family. The new DIABLO ROSSO IV Corsa represents a fiercer version of the DIABLO ROSSO IV supersport tyre, created to satisfy the most demanding motorcyclists seeking a tyre capable of high performance, to fully utilise the potential of their bikes.

DIABLO ROSSO IV Corsa was born in the year in which Pirelli celebrates its 150th anniversary and becomes an integral part of the celebrations. During 2022 a limited edition DIABLO ROSSO IV Corsa pays homage to this milestone and features the Pirelli’s 150th anniversary logo on its sidewall.

Formed in Milan on 28 January 1872, the company began its business with diversified rubber products, making the first tyre for bicycles in 1890. Always passionate about competition, Pirelli participated in the first motorcycle races in 1897 and today continues with the role of sole supplier to the Superbike World Championship, a collaboration that started in 2004, as well as being the most successful brand in MXGP. Today Pirelli is the only tyre company focused exclusively on the consumer world, with products and services for cars, motorcycles and bicycles.

Who is DIABLO ROSSO IV Corsa designed for?

DIABLO ROSSO IV Corsa is the ideal choice for:

Motorcyclists who are passionate about tuning, who look for performance upgrades and take care of the bike set-up and aesthetics. These riders seek the optimal set-up of their motorcycle according to the type of use, also through the upgrade to high-performance equipment. They also recognise the lightning-shaped tread design, here interrupted, as the iconic symbol representing DIABLO ROSSO sporty performance.

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