Poker without limits: Geoffrey Parker signed the most expensive poker set

London based Geoffrey Parker is a name with resonance in the gaming world, his sets of games are present since 1958 in the most exlusive residences worldwide.

Starting with leather bound books, owner Geoffrey Parker was commissioned to make a chessboard. From this commission, he found the craftsmanship interesting and easy to the growing group of craftsmen he employed. This interest eventually led to the game manufacturing company that thrives today.

When it comes to game pieces perfection Geoffrey Parker uses the most expensive materials. The finished products are fabulous as the prices of these selected gifts.

The latest bespoke poker set created by Geoffrey Parker is proved to be the most expensive existing so far. Delivery time for this series with 384 gold poker chips, genuine alligator-skin case finished in a customer’s color choice and locks in 18 carat gold lasts between six and nine months.

Each poker chip is padded with shagreen leather cat, has the edges covered with precious stones (white diamonds, black sapphires, rubies and emeralds) based on the color of coins and can be customized to any desired value by the buyer. The 22,364 precious stones with a total of 1,012 carats are valued at $ 7.5 million. Taking into account gold and gem market fluctuations the price of the game jewelry will vary over time.