Pentax 645D Japan – Camera of the Year

Produced to celebrate the PENTAX 645D Japan being named “Camera GP Japan 2011 Camera of The Year”, this limited-edition kit features a beautiful, red lacquer-finished 645D camera body.

First marketed in June 2010, the PENTAX 645D is a high-performance medium-format digital SLR camera combining super-high-resolution digital images — assured by approximately 40 megapixels – with exceptional reliability and superb operability. It was selected “Camera GP Japan 2011 Camera of The Year” for its array of original, outstanding features including a large CCD sensor, and a dependable, dust-proof, weather-resistant body that operates in temperatures as low as –10°C.

Major Features of the PENTAX 645D Japan

1. Using the innovative lacquer techniques developed by Sakamoto Urushi Manufacturing Co., Ltd. of Aizu-Wakamatsu, Fukushima Prefecture, Japan, PENTAX has made use of the traditional art of urushi (lacquer) for the exterior of the 645D Japan camera body. This exclusive lacquer finish not only gives the camera an elegant, exquisite appearance, but also enhances the camera’s durability. In order to create a sense of exclusiveness and a rich depth to the coating, the process requires a number of painstaking steps, such as pasting many different types of silver leaves on a black-lacquer base — as if creating a collage of torn paper — and applying an overcoat of paint in a rich Bordeaux-wine tone. This sophisticated, meticulously handcrafted lacquer technique using natural urushi and silver leaves means that each camera body will be slightly different, ensuring the camera will be a one-of-a-kind, unique possession for the photographer.

2. The PENTAX logo on the camera front panel and the mode-dial settings on its upper panel are gold-plated. The rubber portion of the grip has a semi-glossy black finish.

3. Made of a synthetic leather material, the exclusive strap carries a “Camera GP 2011 Camera of The Year” insignia and a PENTAX 645D logo, both in gold.

4. Each camera body is marked with its individual serial number, proof of its limited-edition status.

5. The camera mount cap has been exclusively designed for the kit, and features a glossy black coating.

6. The LCD panel on the camera’s upper panel comes with white backlight illumination, instead of the green-tinted illumination of the standard model.

7. The exclusive Centre-Spot-Matte Focusing Screen DS-80 is mounted on the camera.

8. The specially designed packaging is made of high-grade paulownia wood, with a “Camera GP Japan 2011 Camera of The Year” logo mark laser-engraved on its top cover.

9. The firmware installed in the camera body has been updated to the latest version (Ver.1.11), and is compatible with the optional O-GPS1 GPS unit.

Kit components:
• PENTAX 645D Japan camera body
• Leather Strap 645D Japan O-ST123
• Body Mount Cap 645D Japan
• Centre-Spot-Matte Focusing Screen DS-80
• Specially designed paulownia-wood packaging.