Best European Coastlines to Explore with Superyacht Toys

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From the blue and white vision of Santorini to the wild pearl island of Ibiza, the blue lagoon of Oludeniz and the golden mile of Corsica, the Mediterranean is a superyachters dream come true and a veritable playground when it comes to the art of exploration. My Starfire welcomes you to discover the vast delights of the coast, spend your days lounging on the deck with a cool cocktail in hand, hitting the best beaches and swimming in azure hues. When the night fires up the sky you can step ashore for divine dining at the best restaurants or you can enjoy a candlelit dinner on the deck followed by a midnight dip in the Jacuzzi. Yet for those times when exploration tempts you further than the shore, you can turn to the tenders and toys of MY Starfire. Whether it’s gliding across the surface on your own kayak or turning up the speed as you cling to your Jet Ski, these are the very best shores to start exploring in the Mediterranean.

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Ibiza, Balearics
The lore of Ibiza has spread far and wide and for superyacht guests who love to party, we are sure that Ibiza is at the top of your list. The white island is its own unique enigma, a place where the days are filled with lounging in the chic hangout of Nikki Bar and the nights are wild and fuelled by fast paced energy and a devil may care attitude. With its collection of mythical rocks and hippie vibes, the best thing to do when the sun starts to nod in the sky is to grab a Jet Ski and hit the coastline. Catching just one incredible Ibiza sunset by Jet Ski, feeling the salt spray in your hair and seeing the sky blaze over the mysterious Es Vedra island is something that will stay with you for a lifetime or more.

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Oludeniz, Turkey
The Turquoise Coast is famous across the globe for its incredible scenic beauty, its rich cultural tapestry and its’ hot to trot superyacht style. The waters of Oludeniz are the deepest unimaginable shade of blue that you should certainly grab a kayak and lose yourself in the unrivalled shades. Gliding across a pristine pattern of blue and green you can look up to the sky and watch the paragliders circle overhead as they throw themselves from the green cloaked mountain that rises like a jewel above the surrounding landscape.

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Bonaficio, Corsica
The rocky coast of Corsica seems to come to an incredible white frothy head at the old town of Bonaficio clinging to the cliffs. Take the tender around the shoreline, marvel at the jumble of light hitting the rocks, the medieval sights standing proud and the limestone cliffs carved from years of being bruised by the pulsing of the sea. The best time to discover the stretch of coastline is at sunset when the air around you seems to glow gold and amber and the sea turns a mysterious shade of amethyst. Pack a picnic and rock up at some forgotten cove or shore for a champagne toast as the moon starts to rise.

Europe_Greece_Santorini_View of Fira town with volcano_attraction_landmark_travel.jpg Europe_Greece_Santorini_Blue Beach Chair_attraction_beach_luxury_resort_travel.jpg

Santorini, Greece
The legends of Santorini are true and it is one of the most dazzling stretches of coast you are ever likely to see. From the deck of My Starfire you will have already glimpsed the white washed buildings and the domed blue rooftops illuminated by bougainvillea spilling from balconies. Yet the sunsets, oh the
sunsets, this is the time to leave everything behind, to grab the kayak or the Jet Ski and take yourself to a place where you can see both the Greek island and the sinking sun. With a sky as bloody and smeared as a sword after Troy and the last rays of light as gold as the Midas touch you will be sure that any second the Gods will come crashing down on this picturesque piece of paradise.

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