Monte Carlo Travel Market 6th edition – review

Between 15-17 January 2010 , in Monte Carlo was happened one of the most important event in luxury travel industry : Monte Carlo Travel Market 6 th editiondeLUXE-lifestyle/2luxury2 was the only media partner from Romania at this great event and in the following interview we tried to found out how it was and what are the tendencies in this luxury segment directly from the organizers.

1. Monte Carlo Travel Market was nominated by American Academy of Hospitality Services (AAHS) as one of the World’s Leading Luxury Exhibitions. It is a great and very responsible prize. What does it means for MCTM to offer the best promotion for luxury travel industry ?

MCTM Vice President, Steve Sasportas said, “For our company to be nominated as one of the World’s Leading Luxury Exhibitions was indeed an honor. MCTM promotes the new trends, the best addresses, and direct contacts in order for demanding clientele to discover the entire world… Like every important issue in life, a beautiful and efficient lifestyle is an art form. It’s a gratifying achievement to be so recognized and acknowledged, and one of which MCTM is duly proud.”

2. What were your expectations as organizers of Monte Carlo Travel Market 2010 ?

To continue to work well with and for our business partners in Hotels and the Luxury industry.  We did so, and thus maintain our reputation for excellence within the community of colleagues and businesses worldwide.

3. Which were the biggest challenges of this edition? What problems have you encountered ?

Build-up at the Grimaldi Forum was intense, and thanks to the dedication of our design team, the 2010 MCTM was a successful and elegant exhibition to be represented in.

4. What were the expectations of exhibitors in this edition? Certainly the situation in this economically affected year was slightly different from previous editions…

Everyone wanted maximum return on investment, which was particularly important this year… to maximize their business.

5. What criteria candidates must meet in order to be admitted at MCTM ?

Our network of agents worldwide keep us connected and open the doors for communication and eventual business partnerships.
Sometimes it can also be as simple as stumbling upon prestigious companies or products by ourselves or through friends.

6. What was the structure of participants in percentages ?

Hotels, villas, lodges & Resorts, Spas – 55 %
Yacht Charters & Cruises – 10%
Private Aviation & Airline Companies – 4%
Exclusive Tour Organizers – Tourism offices –  5%
Real Estate & Construction Projects – 1%
Luxury Lifestyle  -25%

7. What were the networking opportunities, special occasions and events available during MCTM 2010 ?

Since we are not a traditional exhibition, the intimacy of the size allows for more in-depth Networking and solid business contacts for the future.  Or Gala evening is very important in solidifying these contacts.  Having a partnership with our local hotel, most exhibitors and buyers were located in the same place to further develop relations.

8. What changes did you noticed in the consumers mentality and behavior ?

Generally, we didn’t notice any changes at all. The professionals that were present did good business together and the visiting clients were please with the overall feeling of the exhibition.

9. What is your prediction for luxury travel industry in 2010? What trends in luxury hospitality have been shaped?

The luxury industry niche market has felt the economic down turn only slightly in comparison to other industries, due to the direct market and clients concerned.  However, hospitality in general, around the world has been affected.
Reflecting the current economic setting, many travel professionals commented on new bargains, noting that it’s expected that value for money will be the top priority, with concept and branding taking a backseat in the coming years. Luxury hotel and tour operators will thrive if they can demonstrate why it’s worth paying a bit more for an extraordinary experience.  Travelers are looking for an optimal price/quality balance when they are selecting their luxury vacation. Proficient travel advisors are expected to provide the best available services in the top vacation destinations around the world.  Travel professionals are noticing a growing pressure in the industry to provide exotic travel and customized, ultimate experiences. Travelers are seeking above-and-beyond adventures in exciting new destinations. Luxury adventure travel is on the rise and consumers can enjoy a growing selection of luxury safaris, heli-ski trips, niche boat cruises, personalized art tours, tailor-made culinary courses, and high-speed car tours in top vacation destinations like Cape Town, Provence, Tuscany and New York.

10. What is the top 10 of the most beautiful, most successful of the exhibitors booths?

Grand Hotel Via Venneto, ArteInMotion, Danish Yachts, Kelibia la blanche, Red Travel, Leading Hotels of the World Village, Royal Mougins Golf Resort, Ego Paris & TTTrunks, Venetian Design, Zest Monaco.

11. Who were the winners of the Star Diamond Awards of this edition?

Finest Hotel Group: Rixos Hotel Group, ECO development: Kelibia la blanche, Yachting company: Danish Yachts, Spa Hotels: Le Touessrok, Jet company: Smart Air, Newly opened Hotels: Via Venneto Rome, City Boutique Hotels: The Sofa Hotel, Golf Resorts: Royal Mougins Golf Resort.

12. What were the big official partners of the 6th edition of MCTM and how you chosen the partnerships?

We choose a Partner from each category of our exhibition needs. Kelibia la blanche : new development / hotel, Horus : Luxury Lifestyle, Groupe Nice Matin : Media.

13. How would you describe the prospects for elite travel market from Eastern Europe, especially from Romania region?

We are in contact with every potential exhibitor or prospect from Eastern Europe, including Romania, but unfortunately there are not that many, but as we have noticed this market is growing fast in upcoming countries in Europe and we are confident that we will soon see a burst on the international scene.

14. What exhibitors/offers/products/presence have attracted most media attention? 

Different media look for different angles for their respectful readers, so we would have to say that the whole exhibition profited from the international and local media present.

15. What were the most extravagant presences of the MCTM?

ArteInMotion, Smart Air, Lisa Airplanes, Red Travel.

16. What you plan for the next MCTM edition?

Bigger and better. Only the strong leaders who show the way with confidence can survive dips in the global economic stability.