Minimalist v Maximalist: Which style is best for your property?


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Are you bored with your current decor and want to switch up? You may feel like your home is too bright and cluttered or even too plain. This means you’ve gone with a maximalist or minimalist design which may or may not be right for your home. To help you decide whether to go big or stay simple, take a look at this style guide which will allow you to choose the right designs for your home renovation.


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One of the biggest trends at the moment is minimalism which consists of stripped-back designs, open spaces, plain palettes, and simple decor. This style is for those who love to stay organised and spend a lot of time decluttering. It also seems to attract those who prefer clarity and singularity over confusion and chaos, while also deterring the focus away from material items which may be overwhelming. Minimalists may have these items, however, they are usually kept hidden in storage compartments, which are a considerable part of the minimalist trend. This helps to create more space, which is especially useful in smaller homes like studio apartments which may have limited space and therefore would benefit from a more minimal theme.

Minimalism is prevalent in contemporary developments, especially those that target young professionals who prefer simple and manageable apartments where they can unwind. RW Invest caters to this demographic offering smart and lavish apartments that are light and airy spaces which are perfect for the typical working professional. This includes everything from monochrome kitchens which are sleek and stylish to bare bedrooms with wooden furnishings and ivory walls with white bedding to match.

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If you’re a maximalist, you will get excited about bold patterns and colours that showcase your personality. You may also live by the motto that more is more. However, some people confuse this for a life of clutter, which is not the look you want to go for when decorating your home. This is a problem that maximalists must face, as they tend to collect and hoard things they may not need, which take up unnecessary space in the home. To prevent a build up of unwanted items, you may want to go through everything including your keepsakes and ornaments and separate them according to importance. Of course, if you have anything that is close to your heart that you want to keep but it does not go with your decor, you could simply put it in a safe place out of sight.

To maintain a maximalist style without going overboard, you need to incorporate some elements of minimalism. This is known as maximal minimalism which combines simple designs with bold palettes that help to inject a bit of personality into your home by using your favourite colours or designs. This will make your property look more fun without appearing untidy or cluttered with mismatched designs. By incorporating items like statement art, indoor plants, or a focal piece of furniture you can create a space that is simple yet creative allowing you to feel completely comfortable in your own home.

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