Millenium Star – the most precious fabric in the world

MILLENIUM STAR: the most precious fabric in the world
Three fine thread of 1/330’s Giza 45 cotton, the most valuable in the world were united by David & John Anderson (founded 1822) to form one yarn of 3/330’s: the most precious in the world, thanks to the work in triple-fold, a sophisticated technique which confers an exceptional strength, and gives rise to an excellent cotton fabric, which displays extraordinary characteristics of compactness, long term durability and natural brightness.

The resulting luxury fabric was named in honor of the Millennium Star, the brightest existing diamond, whose complex process of cutting required three years of work. The technological virtuosity used to cut Millennium Star diamond is comparable to that used by David & John Anderson to transform the “rough cotton diamond” Giza 45 into the world’s most precious fabric.

The outstanding know-how of David & John Anderson has succeeded in transforming this superlative cotton yarn into a fabric with exceptional strength, finding the exact alchemy between the thread and the loom, modulating the weaving speed to adapt to the extraordinary characteristics of the 3/330’s Giza 45 yarn.

Millennium Star is the fabric of excellence for a gentleman’s shirt. Exceptional fineness is reconciled with absolute resistance, for a shirt of incomparable elegance and destined to become the favourite. The strength of the triple-fold processing will maintain over time the undiminished splendour of the Millennium Star” declares Silvio Albini President of the Albini Group.

After Cullinan 2/300’s, David & John Anderson can now confirm that Millennium Star 3/330s as the authoritative luxury interpreter of the “Top of the range” for the Albini Group.