This Software-Defined Car Will Be The Most Efficient Vehicle Mercedes-Benz Has Ever Built


Digital world premiere of the VISION EQXX – the most efficient Mercedes-Benz ever.

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On Monday 3 January 2022 at 6.00 pm (CET), Mercedes-Benz will unveil the all-electric Vision EQXX in a digital world premiere on the Mercedes me media online platform. The software-defined research prototype is the most efficient vehicle the brand has ever built. It is a statement that underscores not only the innovative strength of Mercedes-Benz, but also its stated aim to “Lead in Electric” and “Lead in Car Software”.

Cross-functional development teams brought the Vision EQXX to fruition in record time, says Mercedes-Benz.

Board members Ola Källenius and Markus Schäfer, Chief Design Officer Gorden Wagener and experts from the development teams will describe the
pioneering spirit and the exceptional teamwork that made this possible. Follow the world premiere live on and watch it afterwards on-demand. From 5 to 8 January 2022, the Vision EQXX will be the highlight on the Mercedes-Benz stand at CES 2022 in Las Vegas.

The digital world premiere will screen simultaneously for the public and multipliers across a wide range of channels. Media representatives will find further in-depth material and services on Mercedes me media. In addition to the English-language original, transcripts in a total of six languages are available for following during the show and subsequent download. The media special is also packed with useful press content, such as videos, images, graphics and texts.

The Vision EQXX is part of a far-reaching Mercedes-Benz technology programme aimed at breaking through technological barriers and lifting energy efficiency to new heights. It demonstrates the gains that are possible through rethinking the fundamentals from the ground up. This includes advances across all elements of its cutting-edge electric drivetrain as well as the use of lightweight engineering and sustainable materials. Complete with a barrage of intelligent efficiency measures, including advanced software, Vision EQXX allows Mercedes-Benz to explore new frontiers of efficiency.

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In September, Mercedes-Benz unveiled Mercedes-Benz VISION AVTR: a car concept operated with the power of thought

Selecting the navigation destination by thought control, switching the ambient light in the interior or changing the radio station: Brain-computer interfaces (BCI) enable this new form of machine control. They will not be available in everyday life tomorrow. But they are no longer science fiction either. In medical research, for example, BCI applications are considered a viable option for helping people with physical handicaps to become more independent.

Mercedes-Benz is now integrating the first BCI approaches into its pioneering VISION AVTR concept vehicle unveiled at the IAA MOBILIY 20201 in Munich. Mercedes-Benz gave a preview of mind control as a new dimension of human interaction with the vehicle. After a short calibration process, a BCI device attached to the user’s head analyses the measured brain waves and triggers a defined function. At the stand at the Munich fairgrounds, visitors experienced controlling the user interface in the vehicle with their own thoughts and interacting with it in real time.

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