Luxury shops in Paris to switch off their lights

Luxury shops in Paris will soon have to switch off their lights at night to save electricity. The French government hopes to save 170 million euros per year by introducing a new set of eco-friendly measures to cut energy consumption. Shops in city centers in France will be required to switch off their lights from 1am to 6am, luxury shops included.

But in Paris, luxury boutique owners however are less than happy and say they need to keep their lights on, reports

“Switching our lights off at 1am reduces the visibility of our brands and creates security problems,” complains Jean-Claude Cathalan, a representative of shop owners on the swanky Avenue Montaigne in Paris, Le Parisien reports.

Shop owners and the French Ministry of Sustainable Development are reportedly in talks to find solutions, such as fluctuating lights or lights that detect people passing by.