Designed to last a lifetime: The new Bianca Mosca – couture accessories made from ethically sourced exotic leathers

Legends never die. As the Legend goes, when the Phoenix resurrects from the flames, she is even more beautiful than before. 

Bianca Mosca history

Paris Fashion Museum and Victoria & Albert Museum are real treasure chests for many fashion phenomena and personalities that have shaped the luxury and fashion industries. Each object, each button or meter of precious material hides stories and legends just waiting to be brought to the surface. History is the best source of inspiration. Madame Mosca or Bianca Mosca fashion label history encapsulated in the archives of these prestigious museums told the story of a pioneering fashion designer with a VISION.

bianca mosca in schiparelli

1945 Bianca Mosca wedding dress

Along with her cousin Elsa Schiaparelli, the couturier was a prominent figure in Haute Couture fashion. Founded in 1946, the Mosca fashion house was known for its minimalist dresses, suits, handmade alligator skin bags, and unique accessories worshiped by some of the world’s best-dressed women. The fashion label existed with the financial backing of the British aristocrat George Villiers, the 9th Earl of Jersey. Bianca Mosca’s name is forever linked with the Incorporated Society of London Fashion Designers (also known as IncSoc, and Inc Soc), the organization promoting the British fashion and textile industry.

As the acclaimed Elsa Schiaparelli, Mosca also designed clothes for the film and the theater. Take a look at her costume designer profile on imdb.  Bianca Mosca remained in the fashion history also as Schiaparelli’s close collaborator, bringing a notable contribution to the success of the famous Italian fashion designer. But Mosca’s prominent career was abruptly ended by her premature death in 1950. Forgetfulness settled upon this name, a name which certainly had a lot to say in the fashion world.

Bianca Mosca luxury wallets made from ethically sourced exotic leathers

we make the case

Palais Galliera, Museum of Fashion proved to be an enlightening experience for visionary British fashion entrepreneurs Tim de Rosen and Leslie Kent. Tim de Rosen re-discovered Bianca Mosca and decided to revive the marque after seven decades of complete oblivion. Designed to last a lifetime, each new Bianca Mosca product will be a continuous tribute to the eponymous designer. The start of the new chapter in the existence of the Maison was given with a range of luxury goods and accessories made from ethically sourced exotic leathers, offering a combination of sensory, aesthetic and functional qualities.

Bianca Mosca accessories made from ethically sourced exotic leathers - alligator skins

After seven decades of absence, Bianca Mosca‘s star is shining again with sculptural, timeless textures, all signatures of the expanding luxury label. The revived brand is now synonymous with the ultimate personalized gifts and functional luxury accessories with an unlimited lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects.
To meet the most demanding requirements, the house introduced a bespoke service available on request. The new items are designed to be nothing less than the most ultra- premium performance alligator accessories the world has ever seen. It is of quintessential importance to highlight the high- end materials, fully compliant with internationally recognized REACH and CITES regulations.

The brand uses farmed American Louisiana Alligator – the “Alligator Mississippiensis” listed as of Least Concern by the International Union for Conservation of Nature. To the unmatched aesthetic qualities of the fine leather, add the fact that the skins are hypoallergenic, resistant to UV degradation, water-resistant, long-lasting, tested chemically by independent certified laboratories and guaranteed free from toxins.

Bianca Mosca atelier -
Relaunching A Fashion Icon After a 70-Year Gap.
The relaunch of the prestigious fashion house was celebrated with an online made-to-order service for alligator wallets, hand-crafted watch bands, iPhone cases, and small luxury items made from ethically sourced Louisiana alligator leather. A peak of customization, Bianca Mosca offers the complete experience of choosing all the details, culminating with up to four initials.

All the portfolio can be customized online for color, stitching, and initials. The hydrophobic materials like the prime alligator leather offer strength, durability, resistance, and unique patina. For those loving all things monogrammed, Mosca is the place to implement the experience. With proper care, the fine leather should last a lifetime. Here is what you need to know about preserving the quality of your luxury alligator wallet, phone case or sneakers.

Bianca Mosca accessories made from ethically sourced exotic leathers Bianca Mosca accessories made from ethically sourced exotic leathers - alligator sneakers Bianca Mosca accessories made from ethically sourced exotic leathers-

The details are not the details. They make the design.
The elaborate technique used by Bianca Mosca artisans includes 5 to 10 hours of labor, a process made entirely by hand in France using traditional saddle stitching. These features are backed by a certified commitment in terms of sustainability.

As Tim de Rosen explains, “Quality is priority one, two, and three. From responsible leather to the saddle stitch by hand. These keep Madame Mosca’s vision alive.” In the near future, the luxury house intends to add a range of bespoke weekend bags, briefcases, handbags, and clutches.

Bianca Mosca haute couture accessories made from ethically sourced exotic leathers Bianca Mosca -hand-crafted watch bands to fit Apple Watch Bianca Mosca - Create your own leather strap
Welcome to the Strap Nirvana
This October, the house also launched a new way to add a personal accent to Apple Watches. Mosca introduced a much-awaited line of hand-crafted alligator watch bands conceived for the Apple smart timepiece. The bands made entirely by hand come in two different sizes (38mm and 42mm) with metal fittings available in 316L grade stainless steel, yellow gold and rose gold, with 5 microns plating.

From their leather cases, watch bands to the chicest sneakers ever, the brand never fails to offer a sense of enchantment with each item. The house will rival the reputation that other established brands have in the world of luxury leather. Just like the fashion houses of old, the new Bianca Mosca builds the success on the handcrafted luxury essentials and direct relationship with their customer. At the intersection of luxury and minimalism design, the Maison summons the visionary spirit and passion of the founder and turn them into modern language.

bianca mosca bespoke alligator cases for iphone6- bianca mosca bespoke alligator cases for iphone6 Bianca Mosca luxury alligator wallet in the making Bianca Mosca luxury accessories made from ethically sourced exotic leathers - alligator skins Bianca Mosca atelier - haute couture accessories made from ethically sourced exotic leathers Bianca Mosca accessories made from ethically sourced exotic leathers-- Bianca Mosca - Handmade Alligator Watch Straps