Jewellery Arabia Show 2019: Bentley reveals spectacular Centenary pendant



Jewellery Arabia Show 2019: Bentley reveals spectacular pendant with beautiful 20.08 natural pear-shaped yellow diamond.

Heinz Mayer x Bentley Motors marks Bentley’s centenary with a stunning diamond pendant with a one-of-a-kind, ethically sourced stone from Africa. Bentley portfolio includes two fine jewellery collections for women, ‘Bentley Jewellery Collection’ and ‘Bentley Solitaire Collection’, focus on diamonds set within elegantly crafted 18K white and rose gold. The range has been designed and produced in partnership with Heinz Mayer, a pioneering, family-owned jewellery manufacturer dating back to 1599.


Sculpted in unique shapes and lines inspired by the Bentley ‘Wings’ – a signature motif that runs deep in the company’s DNA – these pieces are created using only ethically sourced diamonds, precious metals and rare gemstones. Many of these carefully selected materials have taken millions of years to form.

Revealed at the 2019 Jewellery Arabia Show in Bahrain in its glorious gold and platinum setting by Bentley designer Chris Cooke, this 20.08 carat pear-shaped fancy yellow diamond celebrates Bentley’s centenary.

The pendant’s journey starts with Bentley designer Chris Cooke, who created the original designs for the gold and platinum settings displaying the unique jewel chosen to celebrate this year’s centenary of Bentley Motors. He was inspired by the EXP 100 GT, the concept car that embodies the brand’s vision of luxury mobility during the next phase of its future development.

Bentley Diamond pendant HERO 1

“The collaboration between Heinz Mayer and Bentley Motors showcases the pinnacle in handcrafted quality and design,” commented Chris Cooke.

“For our centenary, we created a one of a kind jewellery piece pulling inspiration from the heart of the EXP 100 GT. The centre piece in our concept car is an elegant visualisation of the users contact point with the vehicle. With this jewellery piece we wanted to echo that.

“The design is a similar dynamic form manipulated in such a way that supports and protects the teardrop shape of the stone. Its overall purpose is to be a beautiful visual contact point between the customer and the rare stone. “

The final designs are then given to expert Master Goldsmiths at Heinz Mayer in Idar-Oberstein, Germany, for a feasibility study. The first prototypes are crafted, checked and compared to the original design files. Through this painstaking method, the collaborative arts of graphic computer design and craftsmanship develop and fuse into one.

Bentley Diamond pendant 2019 -01

In the scientific wording of the laboratory report of the prestigious Gemological Institute of America, Bentley’s Centenary jewel is: Natural fancy intense yellow even body Colour; Cut grade: Very Good; Purity or inclusion: VS2; Fluorescence: none; Total weight 20.08 carats. The remarkable yellow colour of the diamond is the result of nitrogen in its composition – the nitrogen molecules absorb blue light which differentiates the radiant yellow diamond from their colourless counterpart.

The pinnacle of craftsmanship in platinum and yellow gold, with a fancy yellow pear-shaped natural diamond of 20.08 carats in the middle, and a further 1.00 carats of round brilliant-cut natural diamonds to adorn it finally come together, to salute the 100 years of Bentley in this one of a kind jewel.

Bentley Diamond pendant 2019