JCP’s inaugural collection “Ten Secret Treasures”

10 secret treasures - JCP design 2016-02

JCP design is a new eclectic furniture brand unveiled during this year’s Milan Design Week. Brainchild of a radical think tank held in Milan in 2015, JCP was conceived by architect Livio Ballabio and is orchestrated by CTRLZAK.

“A fusion between art and design, the brand’s creations blend classic and contemporary style in a surprising new idiom that defies the norms. The unique objects featured go beyond mere aesthetics, trends and common taste promising to transform everyday life,” explains JCP creative team while unveiling its universe through ten secret treasures – an installation created for Salone del Mobile.

The new brand by Livio Ballabio was presented in premiere in front of 22 Via Solferino, in the heart of Brera art district in Milan.

10 secret treasures - JCP 10 secret treasures - JCP-brera design district-

JCP comes from the desire to experiment, to take new narrative paths. It signals another step in the design world, that no longer limits itself to the design and production of collections. From that point, collaborators Katia Managhini and Tanos Zakopoulos of CTRLZAK Art and design Studio were entrusted with the artistic direction of the entire project. Then, other designers, Alessandro Zambelli and Emanuele Magini were invited on board.

Together with CTRLZAK, they interpret the JCP spirit by creating a collection that verges on the surreal and embraces the fantastic.

jcp design 2016-milan design week jcp design 2016- 10 secret treasures - JCP design 2016-ogloff

After the preview presentation of Secret Gates, the performance created at the Triennale Teatro dell’Arte, with director Vittorio Borsari, the JCP universe was introduced through the installation Ten Secret Treasures.

The ten objects, located within the two floors of the building, spectacularly transformed in an alien landscape ressembling a continuation of a voyage. “The collection, from this point of view, represents a paradigm, a leg of the journey just begun – explained Livio Ballabio – what really counts is the path of a new route.”

10 secret treasures - JCP-brera design district 10 secret treasures - JCP design 2016-osforth 10 secret treasures - JCP design 2016-orauro_emanuele-magini  10 secret treasures - JCP design 2016-05 10 secret treasures - JCP design 2016-03 10 secret treasures - JCP design 2016-01 10 secret treasures - JCP design 2016- 10 secret treasures - JCP design 2016