How to take care of your jewellery properly

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Jewellery is the perfect finishing touch to your outfit. It adds a sparkle to your work uniform and an extra special touch to your date night look. Jewellery is often much more personal and meaningful than our other accessories. Your engagement ring might be your most prized possession – or your favourite necklace might be a family heirloom. Jewellery is passed down through the generation and treasured for decades to come.

However, your jewellery will only withstand the test of time if it has been maintained correctly. You need to look after your pieces by maintaining and storing them correctly. Even if you have purchased a discount piece of jewellery – care and attention still need to be given to keep it at its best.

Follow this quick guide to take care of jewellery like a professional.

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Handle with care

You need to handle your jewellery with care. A light touch will prolong the life of your jewellery and stop it from breaking. Try to prevent necklaces from tangling and scratching with one another. Don’t pull at your necklace chain or try to squeeze a delicate bracelet over your hand. Equally, try not to sleep or workout in delicate pieces that could snap as you move around.

Don’t use chemicals

Never use household cleaners to clean your jewellery. These products contain many chemicals that can damage the stones and discolour the metal. Rub your pieces with a liquid solution to remove any tarnish and make sure it is jewellery safe. Use the cleaner gently, and do not scrub your pieces by any means.

Always take some extra care when handling opals, amber and pearl jewellery. They are far more suspectable to damage from cleaners. You can dry them off with a soft microfibre cloth and buff them until there’s a polished finish.

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Put your skincare on beforehand

Our skincare contains all kinds of chemicals and acids. Apply your serums, moisturisers and oils before you put your jewellery on. The acids inside your beloved serum could ruin any organic stones.

Store items separately

You should store your jewellery in a cool and dry place. Invest in some jewellery storage to keep your pieces separate and untangled. Do not leave the storage system next to a radiator, in the sunlight or in damp conditions.

Ask a professional

For valuable items, you could invest in a professional cleaning service. They will make sure your pieces are sparkling clean – without damaging the stones or metal. You should also ask a professional to repair any items – instead of doing it yourself. You could cause more harm than good.

Get into the habit of looking after your jewellery collection.

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