How To Lift & Transport Heavy Furniture

@Steinway & Sons

Wouldn’t it be fantastic if you didn’t have to worry about moving all of your belongings when you find a new home?

Realistically, it is not feasible for one person to drag a couch up or down the stairs, and transport an entire household, including heavy belongings. It’s worth hiring furniture movers and getting help from family and friends when the time comes.

We’ll take it a step further and assume that you’re not a bodybuilder or otherwise well-toned for hauling big items (if you were, you probably wouldn’t be reading this). Let’s get down to business on how to transport substantial household goods, whether helping professional movers or going solo.

Make a strategy and assess the situation.

When it comes to getting heavy things from one place to another, the objective is to be as efficient as possible. Take stock of every substantial item that must go on the truck and then decide what should be loaded when and where. In general, big items are placed toward the rear of the truck bed and around the edges to assist balance the weight and keeping your belongings secure. This implies you’ll be doing most of the heavy lifting in the beginning, with smaller boxes and pieces of furniture to fill in the gaps.

Consider how you’ll tackle each piece of furniture in terms of priority, with the most significant and hefty things going first. It might seem as if it is just one more item on an endless to-do list to create a strategy of attack, but it will spare you the time and effort required later to reorder all of that heavy furniture on the truck.

Gather what you’ll need.

You’re not the first person to have to figure out how to move big furnishings alone, which is excellent news since it suggests that there are some great DIY movers solutions available. It’s also worth noting that these resources can be purchased or rented, so figure out whether you’ll just need them once or if you’d want to keep them for future relocations.

Here’s some of what you’ll need to move heavy furniture on your own:

Moving straps. These handy gadgets, which are sometimes known as “lifting straps” or “furniture straps,” help to relieve some of the weight off your back and arms when lifting a big thing, making it much easier to handle.

Furniture sliders. These are a must-have if you’re moving heavy stuff on your own. Sliders are generally composed of single-part or multi-piece plastic and are placed under each leg or corner of the furniture being moved to assist it to glide easily across the floor, including on carpet.

With the above moving tips in mind, you should be ready to start your furniture moving process. Remember that lifting heavy objects should never be done alone and, when in doubt, let professionals take the weight off for you.