How to inject luxury into your home


photo: @Miele

During the coronavirus lockdown, a lot of us have started to see ourselves as interior decorators. Being locked at home for months with very little to do has meant we’ve had more time to study our homes and really pick them apart, but we are not all blessed with great taste.

So, we thought we’d devise a little guide to help out those of us who might not be naturally inclined to home decoration. Because everyone deserves a little luxury in their home and it doesn’t need to cost a fortune as long as you’re smart.

photo @fendi casa

What defines luxury?

What is luxury? Well, “luxurious” is an adjective used to describe everything from ease and comfort to pleasure and it’s a word that has become synonymous with the upper classes. Indeed, when you hear something being described as ‘luxury’ we instantly attach greater value to it. But is it really a case of expensive items feeling more luxurious, or is luxury a state of mind that can quite comfortably be conjured up with some smart and affordable design choices?

Why do we all crave a luxurious feel to our homes?

Luxury is a word that just rolls off the tongue and it’s a word that conjures up all sorts of mental images – massive celebrity mansions, sports cars and golden beaches. It’s the idea of something that is unnecessary but highly coveted and it’s something that we feel sets us apart from everyone else. So, who wouldn’t want to bring that feeling home and have it with us 24/7? Particularly in a post-lockdown world where we could all use a little more joy and luxury in our lives.


Bringing luxury to your home

Small things can help you on your way to an expensive feel and these small things don’t necessarily need to be expensive. For example, installing wall lights instead of ceiling lights can make your rooms feel more cosy and ornate and painting a  feature wall with an exotic colour can make a world of difference too.

It’s also a case of investing in quality items that will stand the test of time. Even if something is designed to look luxurious, if it falls apart within a few months then it’s certainly not. Ultimately, luxury in your home is what you make of it – if something feels luxurious to you then it’s a luxury.

A personal definition

Ask yourself what is your own personal definition of luxury and design your interiors around that definition. If you hire an interior designer, all they are going to do is help you achieve somebody else’s idea of luxury.

It’s all incredibly self-indulgent and there’s nothing wrong with a little self-indulgence once in a while. And in a world where we’re always catering to the needs of others, the home is the ideal place for a spot of luxury.

photo @luxurylivinggroup